5 Benefits of Ongoing Employee Training

Ongoing Employee Training Success stories have one denominator: continuous improvement. For employers, this means investing in the knowledge and skills of their most valuable asset—the employees. For workers and professionals, this means broadening their skill set to stay ahead of the curve. Now there are many reasons why continued learning and development has become imperative in today’s market. Let’s take a closer look at five major benefits of ongoing employee training: To Improve Productivity and Bridge the Skills Gap Ongoing training helps employees to stay on top of their game. When workers are given the opportunity to constantly enhance their skills, they become more capable and confident in performing their tasks. A competitive workforce drives professional growth and business innovation. From an employer’s perspective, building talent from within does not just boost productivity, it helps address gaps in skill and assess potential risks in work processes. To Meet Compliance Requirements Contrary to some company norms, workplace training doesn’t end when onboarding wraps up. In fact, OSHA requires refresher courses for workers who are exposed to various site-specific hazards—including bloodborne pathogens, hazardous wastes, and more. Ongoing training not only helps employers to avoid regulatory penalties and compliance issues, it ensures that employees can keep up with evolving practices and regulations. To Reduce Accidents and Injuries According to OSHA, nearly all workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses are preventable. Ongoing training helps workers and businesses be a step ahead of accidents and injuries. When employees are regularly trained to identify and address hazards, the heightened awareness reduces risk. Continuing education arms the workforce with the necessary safety principles to prevent workplace accidents. To Cut Workers’ Compensation Costs Did you know that workplace accidents, injuries, and deaths in the US cost us 170 billion dollars each year? That’s enough to take a step back! A safer workplace can translate to less paperwork, legal claims, employee downtime, and increased productivity. Instead of facing crippling financial losses and property damages, well-trained workers can work safer and more efficiently. Freshly trained employees are more likely to demonstrate safe work practices. To Boost Employee Retention and Lessen Turnover Continuous training cultivates commitment and loyalty at work. Why? Because employees feel valued when employers invest in their growth, development, and overall safety. An upskilled workforce is motivated to perform better at work—improving morale and engagement in the organization. When employees are provided with training opportunities to hone their knowledge and abilities, they are more likely to stay. Ongoing employee training and development are essential in exploring the untapped potential within an organization. If you want to reap the benefits of workforce safety training, 360training.com offers a wide range of online programs for regulatory, compliance, and risk management. Contact us to find out more about our convenient and cost-effective subscription packages! Sources: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/osha2254.pdf OSHA 10 and 30 Training Online

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