Coronavirus Pandemic: Benefits of Online Training

Posted On: May 6, 2020
benefits of online training

We're living in strange times caused by a coronavirus pandemic that is inconvenient at best. You may be feeling afraid, lonely, or helpless. Though this pandemic is a burden, you can still use it to your advantage. If you find you’re spending more time at home due to COVID-19, you can utilize that time to advance your career by completing online training courses. In this blog, we discuss 5 different reasons you should try online training.

What is Online Training?

In recent years, training courses completed remotely from a computer (eLearning courses) have rapidly grown. There are over 6.7 million Americans enrolled in online courses, and according to the latest statistics, eLearning is expected to be a $243 billion mark by 2022.

Why Should I Try Online Training?

Online training courses offer convenience and flexibility that their classroom counterparts simply cannot provide. Each day, more individuals are electing to complete the required training courses and earn the necessary credentials online. If you’re on the fence about taking your next course online, or wondering why such courses are better, read below as we dive into the benefits of online training.

5 Reasons Online Training is Better

More Convenient

Online training allows you to access your courses 24/7 on any device with automatically saved progress. As stated above, flexibility is one of the main attractions when it comes to online training. You’re able to take the course from anywhere, at any time. This works especially well if you have a hectic schedule, and can’t designate time to drive to a physical location, finding parking, learning, and going home. Some may prefer to spend 20 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes in their lunch break, and an hour when they get home. Online courses allow individuals this freedom to choose their own schedule.

More Affordable

If scheduling isn’t an issue, a classroom setting may suffice. However, who doesn’t want to save some money when given the chance? One of the major benefits of online training is that, in most cases, the total cost ends up being a fraction of the price of traditional classroom training. Not online does eLearning save you the cost of gas it takes to drive to the classroom location, it reduces overhead for the course provider. This yields lower prices for students.

Less Complicated

Completing online training could not be more simple. Thanks to developments in technology and a rise in eLearning vendors, the course you need is just google search away. No longer do we have to fumble through course catalogs or contact advisors. A simple look online will plenty of vendors that are supplying accredited, nationally recognized training courses from everything from career development to mandatory construction certifications.

Improved Retention

Have you ever been in class and let your mind wander? Whether you thinking about what you’re going to eat for dinner or something funny that happened that day, either way, you’re not paying attention or retaining that information. In a classroom setting, that information is gone. With online training courses, you can stop daydreaming, retrace your steps, and regain your focus. Online courses also incorporate content with videos, pictures, graphs, and wording that are proven to help students retain information.

Ongoing Support

When investing money, you want to be sure that you can get help if something goes wrong. Online training vendors like 360training have educated teams of customer service professionals. Since these courses can be accessed at any hour of the day, you need to be able to contact support to get answers to your questions or resolve issues whenever you need them.

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A Perfect Opportunity for Online Training

Don't let COVID-19 stay-at-home orders get you down. Use this pandemic to your advantage, and get ahead with online training courses.

Online training is the future of education. With the eLearning industry projected to reach record numbers in the next 5 years, one can only expect the number of people taking online training courses to increase. 360training offers online training for multiple industries, like Food & Beverage, Real Estate, and Environmental Health & Safety. Our most popular courses include:

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