How to Build Your Personal Brand in Montana Real Estate

montana The real estate industry rests on a foundation of relationships between agents and clients, buyers and sellers, and agents and other agents. Your success is greatly affected by your reputation in the local real estate market and the relationships you develop and maintain. A buyer or seller is not hiring you just because of the number of years in the business and number of sales you’ve closed. They want an agent they can trust, someone they feel comfortable with.

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What Do You Want to Be When You Succeed?

First things first. What do you imagine when you daydream about your ideal real estate business? What do you want to be known for? Review a few local brokers who you admire and note why and how they’re rock stars. Also consider whether there’s a need in the area that is not being met. Identify a goal, a destination for this brand journey, then you can map out the actions and resources necessary to get there.

Articulate Your Specialty

What sets you apart from all the other agents in the market? You specialize in specific:
  • Properties
  • Location
  • Consumers
  • Markets
  • Services
  • Tools
  • Talents

Value Proposition

Write down your strengths and talents as well as your values and passions. Use this as the basis for a mission statement or unique value proposition, one or two sentences that succinctly describe what you are and how you help your clients.

Develop a Niche

Establish your style. Is it casual, formal, high tech, luxury, budget? The style you choose will inform a lot of your choices like fonts and colors, photos and videos, graphics, copy, and web site layout.

Marketing Materials

Your brand is the content you put out there, online and in print. Make sure all the marketing material you produce reflects your style and desired brand. Spend extra time and money on the visuals. Invest in content marketing targeted at your audience. The content you publish should be helpful, engaging, and compelling.


Your website is your home base, where everything online leads back to, so it better be attractive, informative, easy to use, and mobile compatible. This is where you express in words, photos, and graphics who you are. It’s also a lead generating tool that brings the right prospects to you. The more compelling content you produce, the more visitors are attracted to your website. Establish a strategy and schedule for creating and publishing content in a variety of media and formats: articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, white papers, webinars, infographics, slide shows, and quizzes.


This is where you can really show what you know. Get creative and express your personality. People like working with people they like. You’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge, experience, and stories to use as raw material for blog posts. Real estate agents are hired for their real estate expertise. A helpful blog is a fabulous way to illustrate your expertise and make the case for why people should hire you. Boost your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other places you’re active. Make sure your blogs are easily shareable with share buttons and employ smart SEO to get higher on results pages.

Social Media Marketing

Further develop your brand and reach new consumers by committing to active social media marketing. Social media accounts are excellent tools for connecting with colleagues, clients, prospects, and fans and promoting listings, events, and blog posts. Social media is also an effective way to visually cement your brand in people’s minds. Consistently post beautiful photos and videos of property, unique features, and in-demand neighborhoods, generating buzz about you and your listings.

Email and Newsletters

Email marketing has a huge return on investment. Gather email addresses from web site visitors using an automated form. Build an email list of leads with lead capture forms and provide relevant content to people interested in your services. Use emails to promote your latest blog, provide quick tips, report local real estate news, offer guides, and spotlight listings. Marketing emails can facilitate real estate newsletters where you can offer more content, photos, and in-depth advice. As a real estate agent, personal branding is all about expressing your talents and personality. You’ll need a sound strategy that employs a variety of media and platforms to successfully develop and maintain an awesome real estate brand. Real estate expertise is a big part of your brand. Make sure you’re up to date on the latest news and trends. The easy way to do that is online courses., a leading e-learning provider, offers tons of on-demand, self-paced continuing education courses. Enroll now.

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