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Building Connections With More Than Just the Property

James clark August 20, 2013 0


I often discuss technology and social media in my blogs.  These tools are not only reshaping the way we do business today, but they are also providing us training for whatever technology is around the corner.  Most of my suggestions have been relatively straightforward about showcasing the property.  However, you may choose to get more creative and personal in your approach to using social media.

We have all experienced entertaining or fun clients in our adventures as realtors.  This can provided excellent topics to post about on your social media sites.  For example, maybe your clients send you a humorous message.   Tweet about it mentioning the client by name, or on Facebook write a post with the message and tag the client.  This allows all of their contacts to see you and advertises that you are a local realtor.  The same can be done about an interesting property you viewed together or funny situation encountered.

Another important aspect of any real estate exchange involves the community a property is found within.  Find local events and write posts about the experience and even some photos.  Some examples could be farmer’s markets, pumpkin patches, fundraisers, or anything that attracts tourists to the area.  It’s important to remember you want potential buyers to visualize themselves a part of the community.  Drum up interest by pointing out these events and presenting pictures depicting the fun participants are having.  Additionally, you can actually bring potential buyers to these events, and of course take lots of photos.  These photos should be posted, and you should tag your client in them.

Another idea is to write about local points of interest.  If the local art gallery has a new exhibit, write about it.  Explain the artwork, discuss ideas for using the art to decorate a home, or introduce your contacts to local artist.  Once you tag the art gallery or the artist, you have introduced yourself to all of their followers.

To be seen as an expert in an area, you must appear to be part of the community.  Illustrating your understanding and connection to a community is one way to do that.  Be prepared to explain and illustrate the best parts of the community to clients and help them see why they would love to buy a house in the region.  Additionally, by engaging in these community events you become a visual part of the community.  Organizers will start to seek your participation and ultimately send clients your way.

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