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The Benefits of Using a Business Facebook Page in Real Estate

Editorial Team October 30, 2013 0

facebook business benefitsWith the rise of social media outlets such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and instagram, it is more important now than ever for agents to find new and innovative ways to market themselves. Facebook is a great place to build a business audience, create awareness of real estate topics, and hopefully prospect clients. With a business Facebook page, agents can inform clients and keep in touch, as well as network with other agents and industry professionals.

The business page is more professional than the personal page, but still allows the agent to show individuality. Agents can pre schedule their posts and updates. This is helpful, as most agents aren’t sitting around at their computer all day. According to a post by mediabistro.com, the best times to post to Facebook are on weekdays between the hours of 6am -8am, and 2 pm- 5pm. They state that the worst time to post is on weekends between the hours of 10am-4pm. Agents can schedule posts in advance so that they appear during these time frames. It creates the feel that the agent is present and always available. When posting, not all posts should be real estate related. It is important to have about 80% of your posts relate to real estate, and the other 20% should be fun facts/ and or questions. Always ending your posts with a question is a great way to engage your audience. When you end your post with a question, it gives your followers a call to action. You are inviting them to give you feedback, which in turn keeps you in their mind.

The goal of your business Facebook page, as a real estate agent, should be to become the go to agent in your area. You want people in your area to know they can rely on your Facebook to have the most up to date and relevant information about the industry. Your business page is also a great place to advertise open houses and new listings going on the market. Depending on how many likes you get, you have the potential to reach people all over the nation.

If you want to take your Facebook marketing to the next level you can even pay to promote your posts to people that are not following your page. Starting at $5+ a day you can reach hundreds to thousands of people. With these simple and free marketing strategies, agents can modernize and grow their business.

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