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Expanding Your Business’ Social Media Network Using Google Plus

James clark November 27, 2013 0
Expanding Your Business’ Social Media Network Using Google Plus

You probably have been exploring through different social media and network communities using Facebook and Twitter in the previous weeks, using them as a “social tool” and leveraging them at your advantage. You might have been able to see positive results from it – but are you really sure those are the only resources that you are going to use for your real estate social marketing strategy?

Google Plus is one of Google’s latest innovations – a social media tool integrated with Gmail users, and allows them to access different Google platforms like YouTube. If you are a loyal Gmail user ever since, and have been constantly logging in on your account, you probably have noticed their famous tag line when signing up – “One account. All of Google”.

But let’s not worry on why there is G+. Let’s worry on how you could exactly use Google Plus like any other social media platform by knowing the benefits that it could bring you. Google Plus works like any other social media that most people use. It helps you connect with people, interact in real-time, share, re-tweet or recommend a page to a close friend or people within a certain circle. It allows you to watch and share videos with others, and a lot more, give reference to something else, etc.

And just like Facebook, Google Plus also offers real estate businesses to have their own verified business pages on G+.

So what’s the big deal with this Google Plus Business Profile?

Other than the same reason you created a Facebook page for your business, Google Plus has other benefits that could offer to businesses like yours. Let’s have a quick break down of the following:

  • You may have potential customers that are already using Google Plus. Some customers and potential clients for your business might already have an account on G+, and are also exploring it for their own personal and or business use. This will become an advantage for you, to connect with them and communicate with them, especially when they find it more convenient and easier to use G+ than any other social networks – allowing you to use the internet to serve clients.
  • Lesser user, less competition, easy target market to dominate for. As of now, Google+ has a fair amount of users – and that means lesser competition from other businesses – probably because they haven’t seen the potential of using it to their advantage, unlike your business, which is starting to leverage it on your side. It could also become easy for your business to dominate on it, being one of the businesses to actually use and take advantage of Google+.
  • Provides “Hangouts” and other unique functionality. Their video conference functionality allows users to conduct online seminars or meetings with your potential or current clients, make tutorials and viral videos that could help you in promoting your business products.
  • Future integration on upcoming Google Products and innovation. We all know that once you have a Gmail account, you may already use it in accessing YouTube and Google Plus – that is because they Google is trying to make most people’s life comfortable by using one account in accessing their products, features and other functionality – which could also be a very important factors for your business.
  • Potentially viable of pushing and improving your business’ online visibility. One of the best ways to improve your business’ online visibility is by staying present with most of Google’s products. Being the first to know what upcoming products are they going to launch allows you to plan for it and see how it could help your business in terms of improving your network.

Expanding your real estate connections and network using a complete set of social media tool will definitely push your visibility on a positive level, as long as you know how to balance the use of it on your business.

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