Cal/OSHA: Seminars Vs. Certification

Cal OSHA - Seminars Vs Certification

Every type of learning environment has its own pros and cons. This includes Cal/OSHA seminars and online certification courses. For occupational hazard training, it all comes down to which medium provides the best retention rate and convenience. Let’s discuss both options in detail.

The case for live seminars

Some people prefer the live classroom experience or seminars because they believe it offers them a more flexible learning approach. That is possible if the trainer knows his/her training material well enough to tackle any queries that may come their way and if they can engage adult learners. In addition, they also have to think on their feet and tailor their material according to the audience they get. All in all, seminars offer a platform where curriculums can be adapted according to student questions and input. On other hand, if the instructor fails to be engaging or flexible, they can lose an entire classroom or audience. This can happen if they focus on the content on the slides more and less on how much people are actually learning from them. Live seminars are ideal for people who prefer to be supervised in a class and who need instant feedback. However, the size of the class usually determines this and students often have to pay a higher tuition fee and lose money from missed work. They also have to pay their own travel expenses, meals and lodging when they attend seminars that are away from home. Plus, most students are unaware of cancelled classes till it is too late and many do not have the options they need available in the time frame they need it for. This forces many works to take lessons that have almost nothing to do with their jobs just to complete the needed hours. Many are unable to meet deadlines and have to pay a renewal fee or get their license revoked temporarily.

The case for online certification courses

Online certification courses offer a great deal of interaction which keeps students engaged from start to finish. Since classes are designed on adult learning, they involve a mix of media and theory which keeps students engaged in the learning process. This leads to greater retention which is only good for new workers. Plus, some courses take on a mastery-based approach in which students have to pass tests to move on to new material. In other words, certification courses that are based online ensure that learning takes place. This is in stark contrast to seminar based classes where periodic tests are not as frequent and are much more difficult to implement. However, not just any online certification course will do. Courses that are not carefully thought out and do not take student interaction into account can fail easily. In such cases students can adopt a ‘point and click’ mentality and will not be motivated to learn – they will only be motivated to complete the course as soon as possible. Certification courses that are well thought out, interactive and which promise a higher retention rate are just as good if not better than live seminars. The best advantage they offer is that they can be taken online at home which results in massive cost savings. Plus, they are available 24/7 which means students can access them anytime they have the time to. In other words, they don’t have to skip work, other classes or pay for any travel expenses. The bottom line is that the choice for classroom learning and online certification courses comes down to preference. For Cal/OSHA, you can either go for specialized learning environments or choose an online certification course that suits your personal learning style.

For Cal/OSHA, you can either go for specialized learning environments or choose an online certification course that suits your personal learning style. Click To Tweet

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