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Building camaraderie among your employees

Editorial Team January 2, 2014 0

One of the benefits of working in a start-up environment is the feeling of being part of a tight-knit community, giving one the feeling of being part of a family.  As a company grows and new employees are brought on, that feeling can be lost along the way.  Here are some tips on how to build camaraderie among your employees.

Plan and host company-wide outings that will allow employees to interact with each other

employee camaraderie360training.com used to hold departmental outings on a quarterly basis, allowing team members the opportunity to strengthen their relationships outside of the office.  With the increase of new employees in our offices, there came a point where employees did not know everyone who worked in the office, a feeling we were not familiar with.  One solution our executive team and HR department came up with was to hold company-wide quarterly outings instead of departmental outings, with the goal of giving employees the chance to interact and get to know each other outside of an office setting, something they may not get the chance to do while in the office.  We received an overwhelmingly positive response to this decision – employees reached out to HR after the announcement was made with suggestions of volunteer activities, hiking, bowling, etc.  We will be holding our first company-wide outing in Q1 2014 and are looking forward to planning it with our employees!

Plan an office “field day”

At 360training.com, one suggestion that several departments have made is to hold an office field day.  Plan it so employees can go from department to department with the goal of learning about each department, who is part of it, what they do for the company, etc.  This will give employees a chance to meet each other and learn a little more about what each department’s role is in the company.

Organize an office lunch/meet & greet event

Organize a lunch and meet & greet session for your office.  Have members from each department stand up and introduce themselves to their co-workers and tell a few things about themselves and what they do for the company.  The goal is to teach employees what each person’s role is at the company and how they interact with other departments, strengthening the feeling that everyone works together even if they are not a part of the same department.

These are just some ideas that 360training.com is implementing at our offices in order to build camaraderie amongst our employees.  What are you doing in your offices to strengthen employee relationships and build camaraderie?  Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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