4 Common Causes of Arc Flash Accidents

Posted On: March 26, 2018

Human error

Human error is among the primary culprits of arc flash accidents in the US. As disappointing as it may seem, the same data does indicate that the solutions to such accidents remain mostly within our control. Perhaps, workers could use additional training or companies can enforce stricter guidelines for both electric and non-electric workers.

Human error is among the primary culprits of arc flash accidents in the US. Click To Tweet

Faulty equipment

There’s a lot of talk about how we can improve procedures in handling electrical work, however, none of that may even matter if the condition and capability of our electrical equipment are severely overlooked or put aside. Having the right equipment is just as important as having the right man for the job.

Unfit working environment

It’s the employer’s job to ensure that OSHA-approved electrical protective (PPE) equipment are provided to each electrical personnel. Furthermore, the workplace must be rid of hindrances and distractions that will prevent workers from executing their jobs effectively and efficiently.


There’s no going around this one, management simply needs to enforce applicable OSHA standards and all sections of NFPA 70E. Furthermore, leaders need to develop and implement safety oversight programs that will identify deficient electrical work practices and rectify them in a timely manner that promotes continuous improvement. Don’t let arc flash accidents and other electrical hazards cripple your operation and hurt the morale of your staff. Eliminate workplace hazards with 360training.com’s OSHA-approved health and safety training programs for safety managers and regular employees. Sign-up today!


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