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Common Excavation Accidents Reported by OSHA

Matt Luman February 23, 2018 0
Common Excavation Accidents Reported by OSHA

In the construction industry, excavation accidents that are most common occur due to “cave ins” and excavation walls collapsing. When the earth’s surface is cut or soil surfaces are depressed by heavy machinery, a cave in or collapse occurs.

OSHA reports that excavation accidents usually result in injury and death. Cave-ins and collapses… Click To Tweet

OSHA reports that excavation accidents usually result in injury and death. Cave-ins and collapses may also occur in construction when a building foundation suddenly gives way and causes a “fault” that weakens soil walls.

Excavation Planning and Design

When an excavation project is designed, project designers begin with defining the scope of the work. This is followed by identifying risks, resources, work schedule, work quality and cost-effectiveness.

Once the design is approved by management, planning and acquisition of workers and machinery follows.

In terms of determining risk, generally this is the domain of a construction risk manager. However, excavation projects on construction sites cannot always predict unforeseen problems.

By relying on OSHA reports and reviewing the most common accidents recorded by OSHA, it is possible to implement OSHA safety guidelines that reduce accidents.

The Importance of Training to Avoid Accidents

OSHA lists lack of training as the most common cause of excavation accidents. Excavation accidents may occur due to insufficient training in the use of excavation machinery and excavation operations and procedures.

Among the top ten standards OSHA cites that apply to workers on excavation sites, OSHA lists training, eye, face and head protection, use of scaffolds and fall protection.

Lack of safety standards is indication of the link between untrained employees and common excavation accidents reported by OSHA that could be avoided.

Resources for OSHA Training

In order to know the breadth and depth of OSHA compliance regulations, employers and employees need to know where to find the most convenient OSHA training resources and whether certifications are available upon completion of courses of study.

Employees involved in excavation projects or working on construction sites where excavation work takes place, need to be aware of OSHA compliance as it relates to their safety and protection and that of their fellow employees. These are found in OSHA 30-hour training courses provided by 360training.

Features of OSHA Training

OSHA 30 training is available for field supervisors, foremen and safety directors involved in a construction excavation projects. OSHA 30 provides orientation to workers who comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1926. Workers who complete the course of study receive certification and an OSHA Dept. of Labor wallet card.

Choose online OSHA training for several convenient features, such as the ability to choose the location for the study course, a free study guide, and ability to access the course 24/7.

A major advantage of OSHA training is that it provides a higher level of worker distinction for individuals who work on a project-by-project basis. This includes excavation machinery operators and excavation design and planning specialists.

With this many advantages to completing the OSHA course of study, get started today.

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