7 Compliance Assistance Resources for Mine Operators

Compliance Assistance Mine Operators To protect miners and operators from work-related accidents and injuries, the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) has been given the authority to implement regulations and inspect mining operations for patterns of significant and substantial violations. In 2016, a total of 96,908 citations and orders were issued in coal and nonmetal mines. Are you struggling to stay on top of safety regulations? Don’t worry! Aside from online monitoring tools, there are seven web-based resources that may guide and strengthen compliance efforts of mine operators: Program Policy Manual (PPM) The Program Policy Manual (PPM) is a comprehensive list of major regulations, policies, and guidelines related to MSHA’s directives. Composed of five volumes, the PMM compiles compliance essentials for all operators under MSHA’s jurisdiction:
  • Volume 1: Enforcement of the 1977 Act
  • Volume 2: Testing and Evaluation
  • Volume 3: 30 CFR Parts 40 – 50, 62, and 100
  • Volume 4: Metal and Nonmetal Mines
  • Volume 5: Coal Mines
Program Policy Letters (PPLs) Aside from the PPM, mine operators may also review the Program Policy Letters (PPLs) from MSHA. These timely policy letters are designed to provide supplementary information on MSHA’s regulatory efforts. As of writing, PPLs issued from 2011 onwards can be accessed online. Procedure Handbooks The Procedure Handbooks instruct mining operators on how to comply with the policies specified in the PPM. Operators who are involved with coal, metal, and nonmetal mining activities may access the web-based collection of handbooks concerning health and safety, educational policy and development, technical support, and other vital mining procedures. MSHA Surface Miner Training Procedure Instruction Letters (PILs) MSHA issues Procedure Instruction Letters (PILs) to supplement the handbooks. If operators wish to review enforcement updates about procedural instructions, copies of PILs dating back from 2011 are available on MSHA’s website. Program Information Bulletins (PIBs) Operators may refer to MSHA’s Program Information Bulletins (PIBs) for other mining information and announcements that are not related to policies, instructions, or procedures. Most, if not all, of the PIBs are available in pdf format. Compliance Guides and eLaws Advisors Online booklets and compliance guides on various regulatory topics are also posted on MSHA’s website. Mining operators can take advantage of interactive forms or “online advisors” for specific compliance concerns about filing requirements, training plans, fire protection and suppression regulations, and drug-free programs at work. 360training.com Miners and operators who need industry-specific training programs are also just a few clicks away from a full suite of mining courses for Part 46. 360training.com—a leading provider of workforce learning solutions—offers a wide range of mine safety programs that are designed in compliance with MSHA regulations. For more information on how you can complete your MSHA training requirements without the common hassles of traditional learning, contact 360training.com today! Sources: https://www.msha.gov/sites/default/files/Data_Reports/Charts/US_Mines_-_Number_of_Citations_and_Orders_FY__1-5-17.pdf https://www.msha.gov/compliance-enforcement/compliance-assistance

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