Cranes and Rigging Safety - All You Need To Know


Crane Rigging Safety

Anyone who works in a shipyard realizes how important rigging and crane safety is. Riggers are responsible for preparing equipment or sections on a ship that need to be lifted with a crane. This includes hoisting material and ensuring that the crane is positioned correctly before a lift.

Riggers are responsible for preparing equipment or sections on a ship that need to be lifted with a crane. Click To Tweet

If a rig is load improperly it can pose a serious threat to nearby workers and other riggers in the area. Fatalities are imminent when rigging fails so all loads need to be secured properly beforehand. The following topics should be covered before rigging operations commence:
  • Each rigger should be assigned a specific task
  • A goal should be established for the day
  • Weight of the loads being hoisted
  • Identification of the shape and surface of hoisted equipment
  • Communication used by riggers
  • Disconnecting procedures
By sharing the work practices and safety procedures mentioned herein, workers and riggers on a shipyard can be kept safe. In addition, damage to lifting equipment and other components can also be avoided. All riggers on the shipyard must be:
  • Trained to understand and prevent common hazards
  • Trained and qualified to do assigned tasks by following proper procedures
  • Aware of surface conditions on which they are operating the crane. The surface should be flat and level enough to accommodate loads and it should be examined beforehand. All unnecessary equipment should be removed to prevent injuries.
Familiar with different types of rigging techniques and equipment such as blocks, hoists, shackles etc. Capable of determining issues before they become a problem. Aware of the load weight and how much the crane can lift. Rigging personnel should also be trained to take proactive measures in case of unsafe conditions. This includes stopping operations if they believe the rig may be compromised or may lead to injuries/fatalities.

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