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Posted On: December 27, 2016
    Creative Home Designs Buying a new house or building a custom home is a great opportunity to get those dream amenities and obtain a truly unique property. No cookie cutter, banal subdivision designs, but rather something adapted to the realities and trends of the 21st century. The way we live has changed over the decades, so why not the houses we live in? Real estate agents should be aware of new designs and advise buyer clients on the exciting possibilities available to them. Keep an eye on these creative home trends in the coming year. Open plans: Who needs walls? Open floor plans facilitate socializing and interaction. The main areas of the home, like the living room, kitchen, and dining room, are the spots for communal activity and entertaining; open floors plans make them bright and welcoming. “Open concept” designs blur the boundaries between rooms and create implied spaces that promote minimalist styles. Communal living spaces: The number of young people living with their parents is at an all-time high. Multi-generational homes with multiple master bedrooms are on the rise. Sharable homes among family and friends can save money on monthly expenses. Green homes: With traditional resources dwindling, sustainability will always be on trend. Green building materials, health-conscious interiors, solar panels, low-impact designs, water-saving measures, and self-sufficient homes are growing trends. Smart houses: People are now accustomed to controlling everything from their smart phones, so why not your home systems. Appliances, lighting, security, and entertainment systems that can communicate with each other and the home owner will soon become commonplace. Thumbprint-operated security systems, refrigerators with cameras, and self-sterilizing door handles are just a few of the things on the horizon. You can be sure millennials will be expecting smart home features when they’re looking to buy. Floating homes: With climate change bringing melting ice caps and rising sea levels, the smart move may be to water. House boats and “water-top homes” can be relocated when trouble approaches. Family rooms/”man caves”: A room for movies and video games is a real crowd pleaser. More buyers are looking for special rooms dedicated to specific interests. Relaxed, informal spaces are great for hobbies, laid-back entertaining, and watching sports. These 21st century rec rooms may have billiards tables, mini fridges, craft nooks, wet bars, kids seating, and popcorn machines. Indoor-outdoor: Many new homes will feature a continuous floor plan from indoor rooms into outdoor spaces, bringing garden elements inside and interior design elements outside. Look for stackable doors, new flooring materials, and floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls and screens. Soft modern: Modern industrial accents and mid-century modern detailing are current trends in home design. Contemporary was the most popular design this year. Warm hand-crafted style can soften the hard edges of modern designs. Reclaimed wood floors: Wood boards that show a bit of stylish age can add charm, uniqueness, and personality to a home. Pinterest pinners can’t get enough of the “shabby chic” look. And it’s always great to recycle. Outdoor entertaining areas: Look for intimate spaces with water features, fireplaces, and cozy seating areas. Entertaining isn’t always confined inside, so outdoor design is enjoying a surge of attention. Privacy: As populations continue to grow and density increases, homeowners will have to contend with living cheek to jowl with strangers. Residential architects are looking for creative ways to craft little fortresses of solitude to block noise pollution and nosy neighbors. Meditation rooms and gardens provide space to unwind and relax. Courtyards: This is where other trends such as indoor-outdoor, open concept, and privacy priority can come together. A calm buffer zone between the busy street and your castle is an attractive idea for many home buyers. Super-sized kitchens: Kitchens, the hub of the house, have been getting bigger with double islands, more seating, and more counter space. Spa-like master bathrooms: Why waste money at an expensive spa when you can create a similar experience at home with jetted tubs, fireplaces, and heated floors. Stand-alone bathtubs are a current trend. This private sanctuary is the perfect place to indulge in luxury. Storage and multi-purpose features: You can’t always get as much space as you want, so you have to make do with what you have. Home elements designed to efficiently maximize space and serve multiple purposes can reduce clutter and save money. Low-maintenance everything: Who wants to spend their weekends mowing lawns, clearing the gutters, and repairing siding? More and more buyers want low-maintenance landscaping, roofs, siding, doors, and windows. Convenience, sustainability, privacy, open living, and multi-purpose are the main trends driving modern home design. Real estate agents need to be prepared for the wants and desires of the consumers and emphasize these creative designs and trends when marketing and showing property.   Sources:  

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