Demolition Safety Awareness in Construction

The Many Hazards to Safety during Demolition Work

  • Demolition Work Involves Most, or All, of the Hazards of Construction Work
  • It Can Also Involve Different and Additional Hazards
There are Always Unknown Factors Involved in Demolition Work, Making It Particularly Dangerous

There are Always Unknown Factors Involved in Demolition Work, Making It Particularly Dangerous Click To Tweet

Possible Hazards of Demolition Work

  • Electrocution
  • Impalement
  • Burns
  • Blunt Trauma

The Potential Causes of Different Hazards

  • Roof, Wall, Floor, Stairway, and Passageway Collapse
  • Weak and Damaged Structures
  • Lack of Proper Lighting, Especially in Stairways
  • Improper Use, or Lack, of Personal Protective Equipment [PPE]
  • Use of Weak or Damaged Material to Cover Floor Openings
  • Improper Use of Demolition Material
  • Failure to Remove Potentially Hazardous Material in a Safe, Appropriate Manner
  • Ignored, or Improperly Shut, Service Lines including Electric, Gas, Water, Steam, and Sewer

Factors to be Considered during Demolition Work

  • Structural Design Variations from the Original Construction
  • Modifications to the Structure's Original Design
  • The Strength or Weakness of All Construction Materials Used
  • The Presence of Hidden Hazardous Structural Materials such as Asbestos, Lead, and Silica

To Implement Safety Awareness at Demolition Sites

Employers Have a Responsibility to Provide a Safe Workplace for Employees Under OSHA Standards Demolition Safety Can be Increased Through:
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Locating and Securing Nearby Utilities
  • Fire Prevention and Evacuation Plan
  • Emergency Medical Services, including First Aid
  • Comprehensive Assessment of Potential Health Hazards

Demolition Safety with

  • Offers OSHA Construction 10-hour and 30-hour training
  • The Courses are Entirely Online, and Available to International Students
  • Include Content Written by EHS Professionals
  • You Can Set Your Own Pace and Schedule
  • Choose a 10-Hour or 30-Hour Construction Safety Certification
  • Learn How to Prevent Accidents and Injuries at Construction and Demolition Work Sites
  • A Certificate of Completion will be Made Available to Print Upon Completion of the Course If the Final Exam is Passed with a 70% Grade


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