5 Digital Tools for Flawless Resumes and Portfolios

5 Digital Tools for Flawless Resumes and Portfolios It's time to impress that would-be employer. It's time to showcase what you can do for a potential client through a well-outlined portfolio. How do you make it happen? Gone are the days when paper resumes are enough to stand out from your peers. Now, you need to create a winning online resume that's nothing short of flawless and a portfolio that can impress even the most tech-savvy online user. These tools will make it possible: LinkedIn’s Professional Portfolio Hands down, the most effective tool for creating an easy-to-use portfolio is LinkedIn. Aside from being user-friendly, what makes it so valuable is the fact that it is widely respected and used within the professional sector. If a company is going to look you up online, this is where they are going to start. About.me If your business is based on your unique skill set—like your technical expertise or your consulting service—About.me serves as an excellent place to create personal branding. Users create a digital homepage that displays information in an improved resume format. You can easily share links to your work samples online. It's fairly simple to use and works well for connecting people with professionals. Vizualize.me For those who have visual assets to show off, this tool is an incredible ally. Moreover, once you've created your LinkedIn profile, it's easy to set up. The visual aids can help you to showcase your qualifications based on specific roles. It's a free and well-recommended tool because it allows you to display your information in a personalized, impressive manner. Accredible One of the ways to boost your presence online is to show off your skills and interests. With Accredible, you will be able to showcase your learning portfolio in an easily exportable format. Show off your achievements and endorsements in just a matter of clicks. You can even incorporate certificates to your LinkedIn account! This is also a great place for those who want to share unique documents or interesting photos. Populr.me If you want a faster solution, a good place to start is with Populr.me. In fact, you may want to use this site as you build your LinkedIn portfolio. It's a drag and drop tool that highlights what you can offer through videos, photos, documents, and text. Then, share it through email or social media. You Have to Write Your Resume First While these tools will help you to showcase your skills online, you still have to put words on virtual paper to build your resume. To do this, consider 360training.com's Job Search and Resume Writing course. Aside from being able to enhance your resume writing skills, you’re going to have the opportunity to review traditional and innovative strategies for your job search. So when you create profiles and portfolios online, you'll know exactly what to write and where to begin! Source: http://info.theladders.com/career-advice/6-tools-for-creating-digital-resumes-and-portfolios  

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