How to Earn Real Estate Clients with Online Marketing

How to Earn Real Estate Clients with Online Marketing Nearly all businesses, from Mom-and-Pop diners to McDonald’s, have an online presence now; real estate agents are no different. Most buyers start their search online. So it makes sense to go where they are and make it easy for them to find you. Let’s look at some tips for earning real estate clients online. Website First, you have to have your own website, even if your firm already has one for the business. A professional website provides an amazing return on investment for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Use your website to brand yourself as a trusted resource and to stand out in the marketplace. It should reflect your values, goals, authority, and services. Your website can also host your blog posts explaining and exploring hot real estate topics. Also don’t forget to:
  • Create your own theme, motto, colors, and images and use them across all of your online marketing.
  • Include your website address in all marketing materials.
  • Showcase your personality and expertise.
  • Educate: include home buying tips, financing information, loan calculators, and listing information, as well as local information about your area.
  • Brush up on SEO tactics.
  • Promote your blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social media platforms and online industry groups you’re a part of.
  • Stay current: set up a schedule for updating your website.
Social Media Social media is one of the best tools to grow your business and promote your brand. Use social media not just to broadcast information, but also to communicate and build relationships. It’s important to identify not only what you want to accomplish, but also the audience you’re targeting and how you want to connect with them. Your first step should be to assess the goals and objectives for your campaign. When designing your social media campaign:
  • Plan: Create a worksheet with all the social media avenues you’ll use and what you plan to do with each one. Start a content schedule and develop your brand story one social post at a time. Consistency is the most important part of communication in social media.
  • Connect: Establish profiles on the big four social channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter) to make connections and follow the industry thought leaders. Make sure your company logo and bio are consistent across all of your social sites.
  • Participate: Private LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and Google+ communities are conversation hubs where your prospects may be active. Join the discussion and share some of your expertise when it’s relevant.
  • Create: Helpful, exciting content sparks conversation. Generate as many opportunities as possible to get prospects talking to you.
  • Engage: Join groups populated by people likely to use your services. If you’re consistently helpful and engaged, prospects will likely be interested and click through to your profile, check out other posts, and visit your website.
You want to become known as a real estate authority for your area; this is the main reason a buyer or seller will choose to work with you. Real Estate Blog Social networks will help you obtain a degree of social authority and a blog will solidify it. Your online content should provide answers to researching buyers and sellers, as well as an outlet for any follow-up questions in a comments section. Present your content in a variety of formats, including video and infographic, to pull in more traffic. People enjoy consuming information in different ways, so the more you can diversify your content, the more people you can reach. Use your real estate blog to develop online relationships. This additional level of communication and engagement with consumers builds a stronger connection. When the time does come, they’ll remember you as the helpful real estate expert. Who do you think your visitors and social media followers will contact when they need a real estate agent? Building Communities by Building Conversations Building communities by building conversations is a sure-fire way to succeed online. An important tactic is discussing relevant topics, updated often, that helps develop a growing community of followers. You need fans, people drawn to your site via content shared and promoted on your social media accounts. Creating buzz-worthy content can attract buyers and sellers to your website. When you’re sharing the right content and asking the right questions, you're bound to have productive discussions. The key is to pick a common interest in your community to draw everybody together. One last thing: Just as in print advertising, your online advertising needs to include your firm’s name or assumed name in a way that’s visible and legible for your potential clients. This requirement extends to all internet and social media advertising, e-mail, blogs, online discussion forums, and bulletin boards, etc. Effective online marketing content has a few things in common whether it's a tweet or a blog post. Great content educates, puts the reader first, and has personality. The most important thing to keep in mind is: stay focused on your audience and create content that helps your readers. This approach will transform readers into clients. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources:’s WA Real Estate Practices’s FL Post License Course

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