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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Paints That Suit Your Home

James clark December 2, 2013 0
Top 5 Eco-Friendly Paints That Suit Your Home

Remember the last time you painted your home, or when you stepped in a newly painted house? Do you remember smelling a suffocating, “fresh paint” odor? Well, you can blame it on VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, which keep other paint components like pigment and resin together. These VOCs, according to non-profit group Green America, emit gases that are may cause short and long-term health effects that include allergies and eye irritation, nausea, dizziness; lung, heart and renal damage; and even cancer.

1. Yolo Colorhouse Inspired. What started out as an “indie” company has quickly grew to become one of the most popular organic paint in the market. Yolo, the company is a LEED Gold manufacturing facility, which means. Yolo paints have zero VOCs and come in different earth-inspired and bold and contemporary palettes. The paint brand is available at Home Depot.

2. The Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company. Our second bet is the Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company, a company that has been around since 1974. Made from milk, the paint is definitely non-toxic and contains no VOCs. It comes in powder form, so you have to mix it before it can be applied to walls and other stuff.

3. Safecoat. Safecoat (AFM Safecoat) is also quite beloved among people have allergies. The paint manufacturer goes the extra miles in ensuring the health safety of their consumers and consults with environmental specialists, doctors and allergologists to create the hypo-allergenic paint.

4. Ecotrend Collagen Paint. We’ve talked about milk-based paint earlier; now, let’s talk about one made from eggs, or rather, eggshells. Ecotrend Collagen Paint is very cavemen actually—finding inspiration in paint methods used long before the advent of chemical paints, the leading eco paint manufacturer used collagen sourced from eggshell linings as a paint binder in the zero-VOC paint.

5. Benjamin Moore Paints. Another popular brand of paint, Benjamin Moore paint is one of the top-ranking eco-friendly paints on most search engines. But is it as popular online as it is offline? You bet. Benjamin Moore is a trusted brand among eco paint advocates in the real estate and interior design industry. Benjamin Moore paints come in zero and low-VOC varieties.

Do you trust the quality of eco-friendly paint? Would you use it on your home? Why or why not? Do you have other brands in mind that didn’t make it to this list? Share your answers with us in the comments section below.

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