5 Tips for Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate FB Marketing If you're a real estate agent, continuing education courses online are beneficial to keep up with the changing needs of the market. A course on Facebook marketing, which would include a Facebook ads guide, is an example of information that every real estate agent would benefit from. In today’s society, one of the best ways for real estate agents to promote their business is on social media, and one of the best places to do so is on Facebook. You can also check out our 10 real estate marketing tips for beginners. Founded in 2004, the social media giant now has over one billion users. Therefore, having a presence on Facebook has become almost a requirement and potential home buyers and sellers expect real estate agents to be active on social media. Therefore, when a real estate agent promotes his or her services on Facebook, it's an excellent way to get new customers. What are five Facebook advertising tips for real estate agents promoting with Facebook ads? 1. Collect Images That Accurately Promote Your Brand Not every real estate agent is the same. Some sell high-end property. Some sell corporate property. Some sell solely land that doesn't include physical property. Attractive and enticing images used with your Facebook ads are one of the number one ways to entice people to your services. For example, if you sell high-end property in Florida, an image of a gorgeous mansion, by the ocean, complete with palm trees lets your audience know what you're selling. Real Estate CE Online 2. Use the Most Effective Copy An image in a Facebook ad is not enough. You'll need strong, keyword rich content that will help to draw potential customers to your brand. Serious consideration should be taken when creating ad content to make your ads most successful. You should know how to build the best titles and the best catch phrases to draw them in. 3. Drill Down to Reach Your Audience Facebook advertising tips for real estate agents include drilling down to reach your most targeted audience. When you create a Facebook ad, it allows you to show your ad only to those people who best fit who you want to serve. So, for example, if you wanted to reach Floridians in the Miami area interested in luxury property, Facebook will guide you to drilling down to that particular market with the "must also match" feature. So, for example, you could begin with the keyword "Florida" which must also match "Miami" which must also match "luxury" which must also match "real estate." 4. Bid Enough to Encourage Clicks Every Facebook ads guide will tell you that Facebook advertising requires a financial investment. The more money you bid, the greater your ability to reach the largest number of people. Depending on the success of your real estate business, bidding a reasonable amount, but high enough to see success, is recommended. Facebook will give you a suggested bid, and you can work from there. 5. Learn How to Monitor Your Ads Real estate continuing education courses online that focus on Facebook advertising will all highlight that monitoring a Facebook ad is the most important thing you can do to be successful. You can't just run your ads without monitoring them to make sure they are profitable and helping you to bring in customers. The goal is to get your cost per click or CPC at an acceptable level. The goal is also to have a reasonable rate of return or ROI. Creating effective Facebook ads is a strong way for real estate agents to promote to potential customers. These five tips are the basis of what a real estate agent should know about effective Facebook ads.  

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