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The New and Old Financial Trends in 2014

Editorial Team January 10, 2014 0

The year of the wooden horse, it is – and many predictions foretell that this year is a good year for most people to invest in a business, find a new career, etc.

2014 financial trends

Just like the food, fashion and technology industry, financial trends also change and affect many people’s mind set and goal-setting. To get more out of your possible investments, here’s a good list of what’s in and what’s going to be out in the financial industry this 2014.

  1. Mobile Payments and Wallet. Mobile payment is going to have a huge impact in terms of global payments. Your wallet may seem to be of no use anymore, as smart phones and tablets pave way for mobile payments in many countries globally. Global remittances come from many mobile payments, from receiving to sending money, etc. According to a tracking firm, namely Gartner, worldwide mobile payment transactions is expected to grow by $325 Billion this 2014.
  2. Freelancing and Full-time Employment. Even though many people still consider full-time employment as the best way to earn an income, other who have been long time full-time employees are starting to shift into freelancing – an astounding 1/3 of Americans are said to be freelancers, consultants and contractors these days, and this may go up as the year 2014 enters. This is because more and more businesses are considering contractual employees as they try to save money or avoid benefits that full time employees reap.
  3. Semi-Retirement and Retirement. Due to financial setbacks and economic downturns that were experienced by Americans in the past few years, a number of individuals who are already in retirement age still pursue to work – usually, part time jobs. They seem to do this as they want to ensure financial stability and guarantee their life in the next few years – rather than expect only from their pension.

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