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Focus on the Positive This Holiday Season

James clark December 12, 2012 0

Focus on the Positive This Holiday SeasonThis Yuletide season may not be the best time for transacting real estate deals, most everyone’s attention and energies are on things Christmas after all (such as splurging on that gorgeous new iPad with the Retina display and iPhone 5), but, in fact, this is a fine time to do some “soft” real estate business—enhancing your stock with your prospects and your clients, as well as with yourself.

Dr. Maya Bailey, psychologist and business coach to real estate professionals, says that agents should take advantage of the holidays, being the season of giving, to give something to their current and former clients to show that they value them—something as simple as a greeting card, which shows their thoughtfulness, or as extravagant as a gift personally delivered, which showcases their capacity to go the extra mile for their clients. The goodwill generated by such gestures can lead to referrals and even to new deals when spring sales season swings around. Holidays can also be a day for them to take online courses in real estate to enhance their knowledge or to get updated with new marketing trends.

Dr. Bailey also emphasizes the need for agents to focus on the positive in these most positive of seasons. She explains that many agents tend to dwell on the negative as the year ends; for example: missing the target income or target number of clients for the year and ending up not having enough money or clients. That misdirected focus, unfortunately, is likely to translate into fear and the agent only ends up actually not having enough clients or income. Instead of focusing on fear, Dr. Bailey recommends focusing on want. In other words, the agent should live and breathe “What do I want?” instead of “What do I not have?” There’s a world of difference between the two in perspective, strategy, and positivity.

And then there’s the significance of New Year’s resolutions for real estate agents—which is to say that there isn’t one since 99 percent of people who make resolutions forget them by the end of January. Agents should focus on intentions rather than on resolutions, according to Dr. Bailey. Why? Because intention is more than just a strong purpose; it goes beyond that. It is a way to experience life meaningfully. And in experiencing that it brings forth in the person the kind of new energy and freshness that no New Year’s resolution can ever produce. Good karma always results in good business.

Finally, Dr. Bailey advises the agent to relax, be at ease, and start feeling and being a human being again. Often real estate agents pressure themselves too much, in the process becoming human “doings” that are all purpose and intent to get those sales. It might work in the short term, but not in the long haul because the agent loses his (or her) human touch. This Christmas season is just the right time to rediscover yourself by just “being,” says Dr. Bailey.

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