How to Stand Out In a Busy Market

Posted On: April 6, 2018
How to Effectively use Social Media in the Real Estate Industry

How to Effectively use Social Media in the Real Estate Industry As the bar scene evolves, more and more cocktail bars are opening which has increased competition significantly. The market has become so saturated that in some areas such as New York and San Francisco, you can find a bar in every corner. The good news is that you can still make your bar stand out with some strategic tips:

  • Harness the power of social media
    • Most bars have a presence on social media as well and they regularly update it with announcements on special events or new offerings. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram among others which help them increase their reach. Take a page out of their book to make your bar prominent as well. Here are some ways you can make your social media campaign stand out include:
    • Place your bar’s hashtag or the name on the menu footer so that customers can tag you when they upload pictures of your cocktails. Have it printed on coasters and napkins as well so they know what they need to tag.
    • Make your bar team prominent by naming them if they make new contributions to the menu. Post pictures of the drinks they make as well as their pictures so your patrons know who to refer to.
    • Allow your team to post on your behalf but only members who you trust completely. Keeping up with posts can be arduous so having more people at the helm can help. Make sure they follow strict guidelines on what they can and cannot post though.
  • Offer a series. 
    • The best way to make patrons come back is to offer them something they can appreciate. For instance, you can offer a new weekly cocktail series to try. Here are some ideas they may love:
      • A different cocktail series from the past every week.
      • A cocktail series highlighting different drinks that are popular in the states.
      • A series that incorporates a single spirit with additions each week.
      • You can also give your customers incentives for finishing the series via free t-shirts or cocktail glasses.
  • Organize activities and revamp Happy hour
    • Loyalty is a precious commodity no matter which business you are involved in but it is critical for bar owners. If you want your patrons to feel appreciated, never miss a chance to organize activities they can enjoy each time they visit. This could be anything from a football match or a screening of a big game with free drinks or a day out on the town.
    • Plus, capitalize on Happy Hour to attract more customers by extending your hours and by reducing the prices of the drinks on offer. This will attract more customers who will bring in more business. Your bar will also get famous for offering some of the cheapest but quality beverages in town. You can always make up the price with referrals and steady customer flow.

Plus, capitalize on Happy Hour to attract more customers by extending your hours and by reducing the prices of the drinks on offer. Click To Tweet

  • Plus, make sure that your staff interacts with patrons to make them feel a part of the establishment. Your guests will have more pleasant experience which will do wonders for your bottom line. It will go a long way in ensuring paying customers return with more people who may spend more time there.

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