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Popular Charities the Food and Bev Industry Donates to Most

Rock Schouman April 11, 2018 0

Charities that donate to the food and beverage industry aid workers who are struggling to make ends meet. Here are some that are doing a great job:

CORE: Children of Restaurant Employees, Ltd.

CORE started operations in 2004 and its mission is to support the children of employees who work in the food and beverage industry. This includes helping them financially while they navigate life-altering circumstances via generous donors. The charitable organization is supported by both individual and corporate donors and acquires support from all 50 states.

The organization is known for running prolific campaigns such as relief fund for Hurricane Harvey survivors and for their efforts in supporting struggling individuals in the food business. This includes employees with children who are suffering from terminal conditions, accidents, natural disasters, house fires etc.

The Giving Kitchen

GK or the Giving Kitchen is known for providing emergency assistance to restaurant workers in the form of financial support, network and resource management. The charity was founded after Chef Ryan Hidinger was diagnosed with cancer back in 2012.

The Giving Kitchen offers support to its members in the form of grants which are used to cover living expenses for workers who are recovering from illness or accidents. This also includes grants for employees who need financial assistance for immediate family.

GK also offers matching grants which match funds that are raised by a restaurant staff on behalf of a worker in need.

The USBG National Charity Foundation

This charitable foundation is part of the United States Bartender’s Guild, Inc and was founded back in 2014. The main aim of the USBG is to support employees in the food industry by ensuring their lifelong stability and wellbeing.

The foundation does this by offering educational and charitable programs that can generated needed funds. On a strategic level the USBG supports social responsibility via influential blog posts and a quarterly Health and Wellness award program. The program is designed to support wellness in the bartender community.

Golden Rule charity

The Golden Rule charity was inspired by restaurant employees who need emergency assistance in case of a crisis. This can be in the form of shelter, food, medical aid, transport etc. Since acquiring these essentials in short notice can be overwhelming, the charity also offers grants for immediate funds.

The non-profit has a passion for the hospitality industry and the people who make it a success every day. Like most charities for the hospitality industry it is mostly dependent on charitable donations.

The Helen David Relief Fund or HDRF

This non-profit organization was made in the honor of a Michigan based bar owner who was a breast cancer survivor. The relief fund supports people in the industry who are fighting that strain of cancer among other strains.

The HDRF  is meant for those who work in the bar industry as well as their families. It provides support in the form of financial and medical aid as well as living expenses that can help them live with the disease comfortably.

Food and Beverage Training Programs – ONLINE

Whether you are part of the food and beverage industry or know someone who is and needs financial assistance, you can help them by referring the aforementioned charities to them. This includes training solutions that can help them enhance their resumes and make a better living.

Our food and beverage training programs are designed to help professionals and entry level workers succeed in their careers. This includes state certified alcohol seller and server programs that students can use to clear certification exams for particular professions in the industry.

In the hospitality and food industry, customer service is the key to success. This makes food and safety training essential for anyone who is passionate about building a career in the food industry. That is the best way to protect the bottom line of a business and combat foodborne illnesses.

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