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Weekly Roundup: Food & Beverage – May 11th | 360training.com Blog

Stafford Aslam May 11, 2018 0

Food and Beverage

Learn more about current events and trends that may affect your industry in this week’s round-up!

  1. FDA Announces Investigation of Outbreak Linked to Canadian Oysters

A Norovirus outbreak traced to Canadian oysters has sparked a FDA investigation as California, Washington, and other states received the oysters.

  1. Chipotle Attempts Turnaround with New Delivery Service

Following a new partnership between Chipotle and DoorDash, delivery will be available from 1,500 Chipotle restaurants.

  1. New Hampshire Drinks the Most Beer

Analyzing the amount of beer sent to each state, the site 24/7 Wall St ranked states by beer consumption. Number 1 New Hampshire consumed 40.6 gallons of beer per adult annually.

  1. 35,000 Pounds of Kroger Ground Beef Recalled

A variety of Kroger ground beef products have been recalled after a customer found hard pieces of plastic in one of the beef products.


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