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Forklift Safety Briefing

Janet Cornett May 24, 2018 0
Forklift Safety Briefing

Prior to operating the forklift, operators must first be given sufficient training either from an outside source or from the employer itself. Ultimately, it is the company who is responsible and obliged for the provision of forklift certification training. For more on forklift safety, here’s a few recommended practices to observe before, during, and after forklift operation:

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Mounting and dismounting

  • Keep your hands dry and clean to avoid slipping incidents during handling.
  • Be careful with your footing when mounting and dismounting.
  • Wear only the recommended footwear to prevent skids.
  • Secure a firm grasp of the handhold to avoid losing balance.


  • Ensure that the pathway is clear and use signals whenever necessary.
  • Select an authorized area to park.
  • Set the parking brake and neutralize controls.
  • If parking on an incline, make sure to secure the wheels.
  • Turn off the ignition.

Operating speed

  • Under all travel conditions the truck must maintain a speed that will allow it to stop in a safe manner.
  • During turns, speed must be brought to a safe level by turning the steering wheel in a smooth, sweeping motion.
  • When ascending or descending grades in excess of 10 percent, loaded trucks shall be driven with the load upgrade.

Safe driving practices

  • Keep your arms and legs within the confines of the cab.
  • Never participate in stunt driving or any kind of horseplay.
  • Do not carry passengers.
  • Keep a clear view, especially when travelling in reverse.
  • Always check all directions before proceeding.
  • Observe all traffic regulations and avoid pedestrian traffic as much as possible.

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