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Make Your Office A Fun Place To Be

Editorial Team September 30, 2013 0

fun and happy workplaceOne of the biggest challenges an employer faces today is making sure its employees are enjoying their job while remaining productive and completing the tasks at hand. Work environments today are such that employees feel like they are always on-the-go and do not get much chance to stop and smell the roses! This can lead to the feeling of being burned out, which in turn has a negative impact on the productivity of the employee. As an employer, you must be curious about what you can do to end this cycle with the goal of creating a positive (and fun!) work environment for your employees. Below are several ideas that should help make your employees excited to come to work every day!

  • Plan a fun activity for your employees each month! This could be anything from a water balloon fight, tug of war, themed parties, etc. Anything that can lighten the mood and allow your employees to relax will be successful!
  • Start off each workday by sharing a joke or comic strip. This will lighten the tone for the rest of the day and will bring a smile to everyone’s faces!
  • Encourage your employees to step away from their desks and take a break when they feel stressed out, burned out, etc. Make sure you stock your employee lounge with games that will help them unwind! Some fun items we have kept in our break room for our employees are a basketball hoop and a ping pong table. Many of our employees gather for a quick game of ping-pong or basketball, especially after a long meeting! It’s the best way to beat the stress and have some FUN!
  • Make your meetings more enjoyable! Start off each meeting with a quick game to relax the mood before diving into serious discussions.
  • Encourage physical fitness among your employees by providing free fitness classes onsite or by reimbursing gym fees. Exercise releases endorphins, resulting in feeling elated and content! 360training.com’s Austin campus recently began offering onsite yoga classes that take place after work, giving employees a chance to get some exercise in and unwind at the same time, all before leaving the office!
  • Promote a little competition among co-workers! All three campuses of 360training.com plan a fun activity or competition that take place during their monthly birthday parties. This helps break the monotony by letting employees compete against each other for fun prizes. Do you know ANYONE who doesn’t want to win some chocolate?! All three campuses of 360training.com have also begun hosting sports tournaments among its employees, like ping-pong, carom, etc. Employees at our Austin campus are very excited about our upcoming ping-pong tournament – the response has been overwhelming and we are now looking into making the ping-pong tournament an annual event!

These are some ideas that can help bring some fun to your office! What are some things that YOU are doing in your workplace?

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