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Posted On: April 10, 2018
How Much Does EM 385 Training Cost?
The EM 385 training program is designed for SSHOs and site safety health officers who are responsible for contracts that are under EM-385-1-1. The course is designed to keep those workers informed who are working on military contracts or any project that is funded by the government. This includes:

The EM 385 training program is designed for SSHOs and site safety health officers who are responsible for contracts that are under EM-385-1-1. Click To Tweet

Workers who work for the military as per EM-385-1-1 standards. Contractors who are hired for installations in any project that belongs to the military. Any federal or military employee who has to meet these standards The course is meant for all contractors and employees who need to comply with the Army Corps of Engineers health and safety requirements. This includes learning about the procedures pertaining to the US and Navy army corps engineer contracts and the health and safety requirement manual. Some of the topics they will learn more about include:
  • Site specific APP or Accident Prevention Plans and how to create them
  • Responsibilities and eligibility requirements for SSHOS or site safety health officers.
  • Activity hazard analysis and how to develop one
  • How to train on-site personnel
  • Auditing job sites
  • Hazard communication essentials
  • Determining the main changes that are present in the 2014 edition
  • Proper material handling methods
  • Proper storage and access methods
  • Appropriate protection methods
  • How to safely use power and hand tool
  • Proper protective gear for fall protection
  • Appropriate protection methods for trenching activities
  • Appropriate PPE on contracts as per EM 385-1-1 standards
Upon completing the training program, students receive an official OSHA card for the course they complete.

40-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & Health

If you want to work on military grade or federal projects, you need to sign up for 360Training.com’s 40-hour EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety & Health program first.  The course is designed for supervisors, crew leaders, managers and workers who are working on sites that are regulated by those standards. Complying with them will ensure that the site you are working on remains safe for you and your workers. The 40 hour training program aids students in understanding the need for EM 385 compliance. This includes:
  • How to read and follow labels
  • How to navigate potentially hazardous worksites
  • How to work in confined spaces
  • How to create accident prevention plans
  • Determining first aid requirements
  • Determining electrical requirements
  • How to work safely at heights
  • How to work in excavation sites safely
EM 385-1-1 compliance is necessary for anyone who is working on sites that use those regulations to ensure a safe work environment. The manual was released by the Army Corp of Engineers and it has set standards for every worksite that is handled by the military. If any of the standards are violated it can lead to hefty fines and multiple infractions can lead to a shutdown. That is why it is important that every worker on an EM 385 site is trained via this course. Since it can be taken online, they can take it whenever they can manage either onsite or at home. It comprises of all of the training essentials they need to remain safe. On completing the course, they will be able to:
  • Determine who the SSHO is on site
  • Understand the need for EM 385 training
  • Read and understand APPs
  • Follow and complete AHAs or Activity Hazard Analysis successfully
  • Navigate through all of the required regulations easily.
The course was created by 360Training, a successful provider of online learning courses that are designed by some of the leading experts in their industries. It caters to innumerable working professionals who belong to a range of disciplines and who need proper training to renew licenses and succeed in competitive work environments. Like all of their courses, this one was also created by the highly efficient instructional design team that they have and who work in collaboration with field professionals. These professionals have years of experience in adult educational theory and ensure that all courses are engaging and as cost efficient as possible. So if you want to work on a military grade project, sign up for the course today.

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