Boosting Your Social Media Skills For RE Career in Georgia

How to Effectively use Social Media in the Real Estate Industry Assess Your Social Media Skills Social media skills can turn a real estate career in Georgia into a booming success. In marketing and sales, more customer contact is done via social media today than traditional methods. There are five things you need to have and understand in order for your social media skills to boost your career in Georgia real estate. These include:
  1. Understanding buyer and seller needs
  2. Understanding buyer and seller culture
  3. Effective communication and negotiating skills
  4. Knowledge of the real estate market
  5. Knowledge of the purchasing process

Social media skills can turn a real estate career in Georgia into a booming success. In marketing and sales, more customer contact is done via social media today than traditional methods. Click To Tweet

  1. Understanding Buyer and Seller Needs. The Georgia real estate market has numerous variables a well-trained real estate agent should be aware of. Using social media, it is highly possible to attract a wider scope of buyers by mapping out these variables and researching potential buyer and seller needs. For example, younger buyers of real estate vary. Some prefer the classic urban living of a Georgia city. Others may have a more rural Georgia interest.  One link to consider in younger buyers is their economic status and desire for a fully equipped, "move in ready" home. This applies to real estate agents in Georgia who also offer commercial properties.  Thus, the use of social media should address these factors in a more personalized "agent to buyer" style of media promotion.
  2. Understanding Buyer and Seller Culture. In order to present real estate accurately to specific target markets using social media, there is an underlying buyer and seller culture in Georgia that is unique to this state. Your social media skills should match this one-to-one buying and selling culture. Buyers and sellers in Georgia consider this an important decision maker.  There is a certain affability that should be defined in your social media skills that encourage response to your online real estate promotions. Highly trained real estate agents with career "polish" exude a sense of confidence that attracts customers in their target markets.
  3. Effective Communication and Negotiation Skill. A direct real estate sales pitch works best in real estate social media. Unlike other types of sales and marketing, real estate is business is on an individual customer basis. To turn social media skills into a successful real estate career in Georgia, refine communication skills to develop personalized online relationship with potential buyers and sellers. There is a certain element of negotiation in all social media. The ideal template for using social media for real estate is to plant the seeds of negotiating with buyers and sellers early on using various social media forms. These "seeds" will be keywords that clearly identify success in real estate resulting from excellent negotiation skills. Study the structure of media content to create a unique real estate style.
  4. Knowledge of the Real Estate Market. Georgia real estate is full of niche markets and to be successful, you must understand all of their differences and strengths. For example, if an agent offers both residential and commercial real estate, research the markets for these across the state. This will create a design or pattern of where the most likely buyers and sellers will be seeking real estate agents and the average types of real estate sales.
  5. Knowledge of The Purchasing Process. If real estate is your career choice, the best way to become highly knowledgeable of the purchasing process is through comprehensive training and courses. Training courses will help determine the various social media applications that are most beneficial, for example:
    1. Twitter
    2. Pinterest
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Facebook
    5. YouTube
In order to make use of these applications, training courses outline differences in each and the best way to implement them into real estate sales and marketing. Note that some of these applications focus on networking between users, while others are more graphically oriented toward viewing real estate online. Twitter, for example, limits the number of characters in a "tweet." Creating real estate tweets for public broadcast online is one of the social media skills that require training. To recap, social media skills can turn a real estate career in Georgia into a successful business if agents take advantage of training courses that include the use of finely honed social media skills. Then, adapt training to specific real estate target markets in Georgia for best results. Refine real estate social media strategy to fit each target market and continually research real estate social media ideas that produce results. Fine tuning your social media skills are just one way to develop your real estate career in Georgia. Make sure to renew your license on time with’s online continuing education packages. Enroll today!

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