Get a Fulfilling Energy Career as a Veteran

Energy Career as a Veteran Are you transitioning your career from active military service to the civilian workforce? The Department of Energy values the skills, experience, and dedication of America’s veterans. That’s why it is committed to providing federal job opportunities to qualified individuals who have served in the military! To help improve your chances of getting that coveted job offer in the energy sector, we’ve compiled a few tips on our latest blog: Tip # 1: Know which federal positions you may qualify for. First and foremost, you must be suitable to the federal positions that you are applying for. How do you know if you qualify based on your military experience, skills or education? Visit the Military Skills Translator Tool. It will help you to:
  • Cross-reference the list of federal positions that are related to your military occupation.
  • Get links to current job vacancies in the applicable field that you are interested in.
  • Narrow down your job search based on other criteria or specific locations.
Tip # 2: Create a competitive and customized federal resume. Once you have determined which open positions match your military experience or education, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and work on the most crucial aspect of your job search—a federal resume. Because of the sheer volume of job applications for any federal employment opportunity, USAJOBS uses a computerized system to rank and rate a resume before it reaches the Human Resources Department or Subject Matter Experts. EM 385 Training Online That’s why it is imperative to customize the experience listed on your federal resume and match it to the position that you are applying for. Otherwise, your chances of getting an interview will be rather slim. In fact, a poorly written resume is one of the most common reasons why applicants are not being considered or selected for the position:
  • The job seeker did not submit a federal resume (which is more detailed than a resume for the private sector).
  • The resume did not relate the keywords on the duty description to the applicant’s knowledge or abilities.
A well-written resume can make all the difference in getting that call for an interview. Before submitting the federal resume, make sure that you meet the minimum experience and education requirements! Click here for more information. Tip # 3: Be familiar with the different hiring options and employment programs for veterans. The Department of Energy, in partnership with other federal agencies, also offers employment programs for military men and women. Eligible applicants who want to pursue an energy-related career may take advantage of the following options: Aside from the job opportunities listed above, other employment programs also give preference to veterans over other applicants in terms of job appointment: If you are interested in taking further training to work on military contracts or projects, offers an online EM 385 Compliance Course. This interactive training is designed according to the latest health and safety requirements manual of the US Army Corps of Engineers. For more details about the EM 385 training course, contact us today!

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