How to Get Leads in Real Estate

How to Get Leads in Real Estate
Real Estate Leads Real estate agents are constantly prospecting for the leads necessary to sustain the flow of clients to reach their income goals. Prospecting lays the foundation for a real estate business. It involves making lots of contacts, tracking and organizing, and developing leads.

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Some experts calculate agents need 25 contacts to generate 1 lead.  Set prospecting goals and create a plan and schedule for lead generating tasks. Determine the most effective methods for attracting the type of clients and customers you want.   Here are some ideas for getting real estate leads:  
  • Attend events and seminars, join groups, and go to local meetups.
  • Teach a class or seminar.
  • Get involved with local businesses and charities.
  • Blog about popular real estate topics, do pod casts and webinars, and distribute informative booklets online and in print.
  • Work your sphere of influence and client database. Follow up, stay in touch, offer freebies, and remember birthdays.
  • Get more active on social media. Post beautiful photos, links to your blog, quick tips, and local news.
  • Employ email marketing to remind people that you’re an effective, reliable agent with tons of local knowledge.
  • Target other agents. They’d prefer to work with agents they know, trust, and like.
  • Give out lots of business cards. Stroll through the major commercial neighborhood and introduce yourself, chat about the local market, and hand out your card.
  • Do and attend open houses where you may find lots of unrepresented buyers.
  • Follow up with contacts. Send a note with a gift card to remind them that you’re there if they ever need your services.
  • Ask current and former clients and prospects if they know anyone who is or will be buying or selling.

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