How To Get A .Realtor Domain And Why You Need It

real estate educationOn October 23, 2014, over one million realtors signed up for an internet addresses with the “.realtor” domain name. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) endured a multi-year application process to secure this new domain.

Where To Start

The first half million of the NAR's one million members who registered for the .realtor domain through received a free year with the domain name. It's very easy to establish a starter site with the .realtor domain when partnering with Agents only need to click a couple of buttons to start a basic web page with listings and contact information. In addition to, the new domain can also be purchased through Top Producer. It's prudent to partner with one of these organizations as they'll handle the technical minutia, administration and configuration on the realtor's behalf. Third party domain name registrars can also be used. These include sites like,, and

The Domain's Cost And Guidelines

A poll conducted by the Inman News shows that 8 out of 10 prospects intend to apply for a .realtor domain. This indicates that the demand for the .realtor domain could be more than the number of free domains offered through trade groups. Those who pay will spend $39.95 per year. An additional domain will cost $35.95 per year. Those who opt for multiple .realtor domains will obtain discounts as well as multi-year licenses. Many agents plan on shifting their profile pages onto stand alone .realtor websites in an effort to separate themselves from other real estate professionals. Doing so also helps to inform potential clients that they'll be conducting business with a realtor who abides by the NAR's Code of Ethics. When one establishes a .realtor domain, he must adhere to the NAR's business rules. For example, members will be required to use the .realtor site in connection with their full name as listed in the National Realtors Database System.

Who Is Eligible

The .realtor domain is strictly limited to members of the NAR and CREA. Realtor organizations like the local and state-based realtor associations, councils, societies, affiliated institutes, association listing services, etc. will also be eligible for the .realtor domain. Yet, they'll have to wait for the second phase of the launch that takes place after the first phase in which only members will be eligible.

Why .Realtor Works

Consumers who visit a .realtor website will know that they're using a resource with extensive and accurate real estate data. It'll also help to pair them with realtors who know the industry and local markets. This is precisely the goal of the new .realtor domain. The NAR was looking for a way to improve agents' credibility with potential clients and .realtor seems like an effective solution. The new domain also boosts realtors' search engine optimization (SEO). The domain will likely be a success because it is provided by the NAR, a highly trusted organization in the world of real estate.

.Realtor Is Trending Upward

After the NAR had launched the .realtor domain, it zoomed up to the number four position of all the new domain names. Much of the initial success is due to the fact that the NAR gave away half a million addresses at no cost. Yet only one was given out for free, each was registered and thousands of people began spreading the word about the new realtor domain.   Source INMAN DOMAINNAMEWIRE.COM  
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