Getting a Job When You Lack Experience

Job Search Tips Seeking a job can be intimidating—especially when you have limited qualifications to begin with. So how are you going to show your worth to a potential employer when you’re fresh out of college or returning to the workforce after a lengthy break? Our latest blog rounds up a few tips to make the job search less daunting when you lack experience. Tip # 1: Know Your Strengths. It’s not gonna be easy. But remember that everybody started with no formal work experience too! So instead of dwelling too much on your inexperience, the first order of business is to focus on your strengths. Make the connection between what’s being required on the job posting and the things that you excel at or traits that you already possess. List your technical skills and determine how they relate to the position that you’re applying for. Highlight the aspects that match on your cover letter, resume, and during the interview. Tip # 2: Underscore Your Soft Skills. You can’t have work experience overnight. But there’s one crucial factor that’s well within your control—soft skills. Are you an excellent communicator? Do you work well with others? Can you give solid examples of your resourcefulness? You may not have all the qualifications, but your attitude can go a long way. Demonstrate your professionalism, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership skills, and other notable qualities that would make you an asset to the company or organization. Tip # 3: Emphasize Your Willingness to Learn. Technological advancements have paved the way for various learning opportunities. More than ever, it is easier to broaden your understanding and learn the things that you lack. If a job post requires a specific training or education credit, emphasize that you are more than willing to complete that requirement. If a certification will help you to become a stronger candidate, then take advantage of training providers that offer affordable online courses. Prove to prospective employers that you can easily get up to speed with industry practices. Tip # 4: Consider Volunteer Work. Sure, it’s nice to have a full-time job right off the bat. But while waiting for that job interview, look for other opportunities to beef up your resume. Aside from professional development courses, it’s also a good idea to seek internships and volunteer work. Look for charities that you are passionate about or are relevant to your line of work. Volunteering not only helps to get your foot in the door, but also helps you to build a network. Workplace Safety and Compliance Library

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