Two Steps to Get your Food Safety Manager Certificate

Posted On: June 11, 2018
Before getting into the steps needed to get a Food Safety Manager Certificate, you need to understand what this document represents. The Food Handler Program in the state of Texas is meant to preserve the health of citizens and educate food employees about safe practices. All employees have to get this certification in 60 days after they are employed by a food establishment. Once you get your certificate, you’ll be eligible to work in the food business in Texas. It means that you have the knowledge to prevent food-borne illnesses and safe handling techniques that can stop outbreaks. Importance of food safety Training for food safety is the best way to prevent food borne illnesses. However, most restaurant owners are not aware how it can impact their business in the long run. Here are some reasons why employees in a food establishment should undergo training:
  • A good food safety record can maintain business image
  • Any employee who wants to be promoted to manager has to undergo food safety manager training.
  • Most food establishments have to have at least one certified food safety manager.
  • It can prevent workplace contamination which can make staff fall ill.
  • It can prevent customers from falling sick
Who needs to be certified? You are considered to be a food employee if you work with packaged/unpacked food and utensils. This includes workers who work at the front and the back of the house such as:
  • Line cooks
  • Busboys
  • Bartenders
  • Sous chefs
  • Dishwashers
  • Waiters/waitresses
Even if you work in a restaurant and don’t come in contact with food, you may need certification especially if you want a promotion. For example, if you start off as a dishwasher and want to be promoted to bartender, getting certified will be in your best interests. Here are the steps you need to follow to get a Food Safety Manager Certificate:
  1. Get training. To get a certificate, you need training. The course you sign up for will cover food safety regulations, issues, information on food borne illnesses among other essential topics. The course will help you understand how to handle food safely as per the law and to save money. The Food Safety Manager course by is designed to help students understand all they need to know about food safety. The exam lasts just 90 minutes and the training course comes at a great value since the proctor fee is inclusive.

Getting Your Food Manager Certificate

  1. Step 2 – Take the exam. After training, you need to take an accredited Food Protection Manager exam. This will cover:
    1. Food handling and storage
    2. Facility design
    3. Determining contamination and prevention measures
    4. Pest control
    5. Importance of temperature controls
    6. Safety principles
    7. Importance of sanitation
    8. Importance of employee health and hygiene
    9. Importance of record keeping
    10. Managerial responsibilities
    11. The exam is available in 2 languages from 360training – Spanish and English.
Food safety is everyone’s business. Make sure your staff and customers remain safe from health concerns from the food you serve. Sign up for the course today.

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