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Getting Your MSHA Training Programs Online

Editorial Team May 29, 2018 0
Getting Your MSHA Training Programs Online

According to Federal law, miners have to receive adequate or basic refresher training and operators have to maintain an effective training schedule to ensure they remain vigilant. MSHA or the Mine Safety and Health Administration ensures that they follow those regulations. This is a regulatory authority that enforces health and safety rules on mining businesses as per the Mine Act irrespective of the size of the enterprise.

This includes providing the material and miners and operators need to meet training obligations and avoid violations. All in all, since 2010 their mission has been to prevent injuries and fatalities in all mines located in the US by enforcing the law via outreach, training and evaluations.

MSHA is not to be confused with OSHA since worksites in the latter rarely see an inspector unless there is a serious accident or complaint against their employers. MSHA on the other hand, has more leverage and scope thanks to the Mine Act which also gives it more enforcement power than OSHA. According to the Act, mines on the surface are to be evaluated at least twice each year and underground mines are inspected 4 times annually.

Besides miners, contractors also have to undergo comprehensive training if they enter mines or are exposed to their hazards frequently or for longer periods of time.

If you wish to create a training program that is MSHA compliant, you need to ask yourself a few questions first such as:

  • What does your existing mining program look like?
  • How do you conduct training sessions?
  • Are the training sessions you conduct effective and do you have enough time to complete them on time?
  • How do you remain on top of hazards and discover new ones?
  • How do you ensure that all workers attend training sessions?
  • How do you make sure that all miners undergo annual refresher training courses as per schedule?
  • How do you record the results of the training sessions and create documentation that MSHA requires?

Chances are you are struggling with at least some of these aspects or your training program leaves a lot to be desired. Question is do you have the resources, time and funds to train every one of your miners before MSHA comes knocking?

How e-learning can help

E-learning courses are visual, can be taken on the go, are flexible and don’t require a classroom setting. In other words, you need almost no resources except a system and just some money to sign up for it. Since it is dependent on visual learning, your workers will absorb more and implement what they learned later.

E-learning courses are visual, can be taken on the go, are flexible and don’t require a classroom setting. In other words, you need almost no resources except a system and just some money to sign up for it. Click To Tweet

MSHA Annual Refresher Training

The e-learning courses at 360Training for instance are based on instructional design and are the product of years of research in adult learning. Their MSHA Annual Refresher Training is based on it as well and is quite successful with mine operators.

The annual refresher training course retrains students according to Title 30 CFR – Part 46 rules to ensure they remain safe and free of injuries on work sites. This includes making them aware of new hazards on mining sites (above and below ground).

The course is designed around 9 topics namely:

  1. Introduction to mining environments
  2. Hazard recognition and avoidance on work sites
  3. How to implement emergency procedures
  4. Health and safety aspects of their work
  5. How to report rules and procedures
  6. Miner rights as per the law
  7. Line of authority
  8. Importance and how to use respiratory devices
  9. How to implement first aid

Mining hazards are persistent and very real. One wrong move can trigger a devastating series of events that can lead to multiple injuries and deaths. To minimize those chances, MSHA requires that all miners and operators take a refresher course on a yearly basis to keep their senses sharp. Visit 360training.com today to see how you can start gaining the knowledge and course hours needed to remain MSHA-compliant with the help of a hassle-free online training program.


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