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Posted On: April 13, 2018
Staging Your Home The bread and butter of real estate agents is linked with selling personal or commercial properties. While a real estate agent’s proficiency, industry knowledge, and ability to market are all extremely important skills to ensure a sale goes through, the deal maker or breaker is almost always the appearance of the property that’s being marketed. This is particularly true when it’s personal homes that are being sold. One of the best tricks real estate agents use to ensure that lived in homes sell quickly and at a good price is staging. Staging is essentially the decorating process that helps highlight the best features and assets of a home. Novice agents often get roped into having to hire a professional stager to improve homes in order to sell. However, it’s something that you can easily and far more effectively, not to mention quite economically, accomplish on your own. Here’s how you can quickly and thoroughly stage your home for quick selling:


The idea behind house staging is to allow visitors or prospective buyers to envision themselves in that particular space. This essentially helps convince them into buying a home. Click To Tweet

When a home appears way too personal, or say homely, it clearly conveys a message to the prospective client that the place belongs to someone else and they aren’t exactly welcome there. Commercialize or depersonalize a home to the best of your abilities in order to maximize its selling potential. Clear out the pictures, remove the personal knick-knacks, and remove all memorabilia you might have strewn across your home. For the time that you’re entertaining prospective buyers, put all of that away.

Clean, Clean, and then Clean Some More

There’s no worse deterrent for a prospective buyer than a dirty, unkempt home. Honestly, no one wants to even visit a place that is messy and cluttered with barely any space to walk, much less buy one. So you know what happens to dingy homes? It just eliminates any chances for a prospective sell. Before you organize an open house, it would do you a world of good if you organize a house-cleaning mission. Wash, dust, vacuum, clean, clean, and then clean some more around the home.

Rearrange and Reorganize It All

Lived in homes are fantastic for welcoming purposes. They’re inviting, and make people feel comfortable during their visit. However, homes often have their furniture, rugs, art, and accessories in the exact same place for years on end. This can give a much worn out look to the place, significantly affecting its appeal to prospective buyers. To instill some style and attitude into a home you intend to sell, reorganize and rearrange its contents– thoroughly. Reorganize the desks, bookshelves, closets, and cabinets so that they appear nice and arranged. Clean or wash the rugs and curtains, and switch places of the accessories so that the living spaces appear more put together.


Cramped or empty entranceways and impersonal living spaces severely lacking furniture can appear very uninviting to prospective buyers. The best way to completely transform any room in the house with minimal effort and expense is to strategically place accessories across the living spaces. The two best accessories, besides flower vases, are mirrors and rugs. Mirrors can effectively make small spaces appear larger and more open than they are, and rugs do a great job of tying the space together without appearing closed in or overwhelming. Be selective with your choice of accessories, and you’ll have a great looking place that entices prospective homeowners into buying the place, as quickly as possible.

Improve That Curb Appeal

While it’s true that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, for homes, the exterior matters just as much as the interior does, especially the curb appeal. That is because a prospective homebuyer will first lay eyes on the home’s curb before any other place, so don’t take it lightly. Curbs can make or break the deal, entirely. That said, you don’t exactly have to spend thousands of dollars to amp it up. Simple things such as cleaning the driveway, porch, and garage, mowing the lawn, adding a few flower pots brimming with bright blooms, along with just a single coat of fresh paint on the door can do the trick, too. If you wish to take things a step further, consider repaving the walkway, or adding a touch of stone sealer for a quick fix. If you’re interested in learning more tips and tricks to improve your chances of success as a real estate agent, invest in the real estate courses online, such as the Texas real estate pre-license courses offered by The 180 Hour Premium Texas Pre-License Package is a comprehensive preparatory course that helps prepare prospective real estate agents for a thoroughly fulfilling career within a thriving industry. Find more information regarding the course here.

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