Benefits of Walking as Part of Overall Employee Health

Posted On: October 30, 2017
employee camaraderie Most of us spend a third of our day in the office where we spend most of the day seated. Occasionally we stand up to get a cup of coffee, pass on some documents, or take a break, but is that enough? Given the amount of time we spend at our job, industry experts can’t help but question how our limited physical activities is affecting us. The American Heart Association said that adults can gain as much as two hours of life expectancy for every single hour of regular, vigorous exercise, such as walking. This simple exercise is considered among the physical activities which are truly effective in mitigating health risks associated with heart attack, stroke, as well as high blood pressure. Simply put, the benefits of walking have all been well-documented. However, whether employers must dedicate a portion of their daily work hours for such activity remains a topic of discussion for many organizations. So to help weigh in on that, here’s a list of how taking a short walk can possibly contribute to the well-being of the workforce as well as overall business performance. Benefit for employees: Healthy employees are less likely to take extended sick days and doctor visits. In fact, they may even help lower group insurance rates. Routine walking can also be a good activity to improve engagement among staff, or help in clearing the mind. While health is the main goal of the activity, walking is also largely considered to be a sociable and mentally-soothing activity under many circumstances. Benefits of employers: According to research:
  • Physically active employees take 27% less sick days than non-active employees
  • Studies have shown that individual work performance can be improved by between 4% and 15% when people engage in regular physical activity
  • An on-site fitness program can reduce staff turnover by between 8% and 13%
Encouraging the staff to include walking in their day might as well be one of the most rewarding things you can do for the entire organization. After all, a healthy workforce has a higher chance to ignite more consistent and favorable outcomes for the entire company. By all indications, an active and healthy workforce can bring a lot of benefits to both staff members and businesses. It’s a good place to start, especially for companies who are looking to establish or reinforce a positive culture for the entire organization. Also, with workforce compliance online training programs, it’s now much easier to adapt and observe industry standards or incorporate new practices that can contribute to the safety, well-being, and camaraderie between employees.

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