Posted On: November 13, 2017

How Hard Is the Texas Real Estate Exam?

As the second-largest state in the country, Texas is a great place to live. There are hundreds of cities, towns, and municipalities as well as dozens of different environments. The state boasts plains in the north, tall pine forests in the east, and deserts in the west. It is hard to fully understand the state, its places, and its laws. That is why the state's real estate exam can be so difficult.

Passing the Texas Real Estate Exam

The process for passing the Texas real estate exam begins long before the test itself. Anybody interested in becoming a real estate agent in the state must first pass a series of courses designed to teach prospective test-takers the ins and outs of the business. These courses help teach the individual the ins and outs of contract law, ethics, and the requirements of the real estate agent versus the broker.

Courses can be held at many different levels and are often offered online. They can be completed in a matter of a few weeks, but it is not recommended to complete the courses as quickly as possible. Information from these pre-license courses makes up the bulk of the questions from the test.

You will not be able to use books or course materials during the test itself; only scratch paper, pencils, and a simple calculator will be allowed.

Next, the test itself is a demanding process. It has two major parts: a national section and a Texas section. The first section is dependent on the test you are taking and once you finish the first section, you cannot go back.

Both sections have questions about the responsibilities of an agent, the particulars of contracts, and the ethics of real estate. There may be complex math questions as well. Many questions may touch on obscure rules and regulations that were covered in the course materials. The test consists of 110 questions and must be completed in 150 minutes.


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How Difficult is the Real Estate Exam?

So exactly how hard is this exam? It can be challenging if you are not prepared. Many of the questions are not in the realm of "general knowledge" and would not be known by the average person if he or she did not study.

Texas itself can be a challenging state to try and become licensed in. It has such a large body of land use and real estate laws that it can be challenging to navigate through them all in one exam. Some cities are notorious for their unique real estate regulations. In Houston, for instance, there are no traditional zoning laws, which means that normal real estate rules for other major cities do not apply.

If you are planning on taking the real estate exam, listen to the most common test-taking advice. Get plenty of sleep before the exam and make sure to eat breakfast. Take the test slowly and deliberately and review your work before moving forward. You may feel that you are not ready or have not studied closely enough. In this case, there are numerous options available to you. Many websites offer Texas real estate pre-license courses online that will help drill down the most relevant details.

Prepare for the Real Estate Exam

Some companies have old copies of test questions that they can use to see what details are most likely to be discussed on future tests. These companies create exclusive courses that allow a user to repeat and retain the information that will most likely be on the test.

As a supplement to traditional required courses, online real estate training in Texas can be much more helpful in giving possible test-takers the tools and information they need to feel competent in taking the Texas real estate exam.

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