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How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Texas?

James clark December 11, 2017 0
How Long Does It Take To Become A Real Estate Agent In Texas?

If you are looking for a flexible and extremely well-paying job, then real a real estate job should fit that bill nicely. Not confident in your skill? Don’t worry! Like any other profession, the real estate market is a fairly competitive field. Unless you immense yourself in relevant training and preparation, success won’t come easy for those who are entering real estate for the first time.

It pays to learn your craft, and if you manage to put in an extra effort in continuously empowering your individual growth, there’s a very good chance that you’ll find a home even in the busiest and most challenging real estate markets, such as that of Texas. Here’s a comprehensive checklist of how to become a realtor in Texas.

How To Be A Real Estate Agent in Texas: Qualifications

You will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be over 18 years of age or older.
  2. You must be a legal US citizen or a legal alien. You must also be a legal resident of Texas to qualify for licensing as a real estate agent in the state.
  3. You must complete a Texas Real Estate Pre-License Course. How long to get  real estate license in Texas, you may ask. The total amount of time you are required to finish is 180 hours. There are 5 different courses that complete the 180 hour requirement:
    1. Real Estate Principles which takes 60 classroom hours.
    2. Real Estate Finance which takes 30 classroom hours.
    3. Law of Agency which takes 30 classroom hours.
    4. Law of Contracts which takes 30 classroom hours.
    5. Promulgated Contracts forms which take 30 classroom hours.
    6. The courses and time taken may vary in different schools.

There are plenty of credible real estate schools in Texas where you can get your education before applying to become a salesperson. The flexibility of these online courses works well for student’s busy schedules.

Upon completion, you are awarded a printable certificate which you can use to file your application with the state. It is a TREC approved real estate school so you are dealing with the best and you will be armed with the right skills to be successful in the real estate industry.

After this, you must take an exam and on passing you can proceed to the next step. The process for getting tested is as follows.

  1. File an application online at www.trec.texas.gov with the required documentation. During this stage, applicants are provided with a Sales Sponsorship Form. If your application is successful and you pass the exam, you will require sponsorship from a registered real estate broker.
  2. 2. The documentation showing that you have successfully completed the 180 hours of education should be submitted online along with the application. If you choose 360training.com, then you can use the printable certificate that you are given on completion of your 180 hours of study.
  3. Your fingerprints are required in order for a background check to be done. These fingerprints should be in the file in the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  4. After the state has received and approved your application, you will be contacted and become eligible for a real estate exam. The exam is administered by TREC/TALCB at the national level. You will have to register for the exam. You will be given a Candidate Handbook with all the necessary information from the study material you will need to and instructions on how to register for the exam. These exams are conducted online, and there will be a verification process that includes two forms of signature identification. After filing the application, you must do and pass the test within a year for it to be valid. If you fail the exam after three consecutive tries, you will have to go back to class.
  5. Once you have passed the exam, the law requires you to be sponsored by a real estate broker who is licensed in Texas. If you are in the application stage, you are not permitted to perform real estate agent duties in any capacity. Your real estate license will be sent to your broker after all the relevant processes are complete. Before your broker receives this license, you should refrain from performing anything related to real estate.

Acing Your Real Estate Exam



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