How Much Does EM 385 Training Cost

How Much Does EM 385 Training Cost?

Invest in EM 385 Training

Many businesses in the construction industry apply for projects for the U.S. federal government. To be awarded a federal construction job, construction businesses must first complete an application form provided by the specific federal department offering the job. This is known as a "bid process." Generally, construction businesses are awarded these jobs based on prior business experience in construction and whether their bid is lower than their competitors.

The Federal Contracting Process

Construction businesses must also provide verification of their adherence to OSHA regulations and EM 385 compliance before the federal government will consider adding them to a federal vendor list. Most construction business owners choose to invest in the convenience of EM 385 online training to fulfill their EM 385 compliance requirements. How Much Does EM 385 Training Cost? The cost for EM 385 online safety and health training programs as offered by depends on the type of course chosen. There are four types that include:
  • 40-hour at a cost of $395.00
  • 24-hour at $285.00
  • 16-hour at $210.00
  • 8-hour at $185.00
If you need to qualify as a Site Safety Health Officer (SSHO), you are required to complete the 40-hour course. The 24-hour course is mainly for managers, supervisors, and team leads who work with their crews on military sites for federal projects that require EM385. If you are an employee working on a site under EM385 regulations, you will need a 16-hour introductory course of instruction on EM385 regulations. Site Safety Health Officers (SSHOs) and those requiring an annual refresher of EM385 regulations need to take the 8-hour course.

Convenient EM385 Format

The format of the EM385 courses found at take less than a week to complete for teams who will be working on projects under EM385 regulations. Teams can work at their own pace and they will receive professional assistance from an EHS trainer who is available on staff. It is expedient for employers who submit applications to the U.S. Dept. of Defense (DOD) or U.S. Corps of Army Engineers to enroll their teams in EM385 courses in order to qualify for project work, should the application be approved. Enrollment should be done before work begins to give SSHOs and teams sufficient time for study and completion of EM385 training. Certificates of completion are available through online.

The Value of EM385 Training to Employers

Many businesses find that EM385 training gives them an extra edge to keep their teams working when private projects decrease Click To Tweet

Federal contracts for DOD and Army Corps of Engineers enhance the business name, as well as providing an additional source of revenue. Many businesses find that EM385 training gives them an "extra" edge to keep their teams working when private projects decrease. There is another added value to EM385 training for SSHOs and employees. They are exposed to a broader range of safety and health compliance regulations that improves their productivity and quality of work on an overall basis. When the federal government publishes its listings of projects for the DOD and Army Corps of Engineers, make sure your team is ready and qualified.

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