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How to Be an Office Rock Star

Editorial Team December 27, 2012 0
How to Be an Office Rock Star

Ever wonder how the office rock star does it?

How is he or she able to accomplish so many things without obvious effort—and not just one thing at a time, but many things simultaneously?

High achievers, says Nina Grunfeld, a self-development expert, are serial accomplishers. They achieve not just one thing, but everything all the time. Here are some of their secrets, according to Grunfeld, that should help you achieve more yourself:

Secret 1. They clear their minds and surroundings of clutter. It’s like what Einstein said of details:

Why clutter your mind with facts that you can look up in some book in five minutes?

High achievers keep their minds and surroundings free of clutter. This way, they make sure that they’re dealing only with the essential or the important items.

Secret 2. They take note of what they achieve. High achievers take note of what they achieve. It doesn’t matter to them if the project or the goal is small. What matters is the accomplishment. They build on that, the sense of success and the lessons learned with that success. They use that to get onto the next—and bigger—goal.

Secret 3. They just do it. High achievers don’t waste time. It’s just not in their nature. They don’t overthink—and, so they don’t overwhelm themselves with the need for perfection, fear of failure, or procrastination. They just do it.

Secret 4. They think positively. High achievers focus on positive things. They are very intelligent this way because by avoiding the negatives, they are able to move rapidly ahead. By instinct, they use the positives (for instance, the things that have gone right in a project) as stepping stones to get to their next goal.

Secret 5. They focus on their accomplishments, not those of others. High achievers focus on their successes and not on the successes of others. In this way,  they’re able to recognize their strengths, their skills, and their talents—attributes they can put to their advantage. In this way, too, they’re able to avoid the debilitating effects of envy and pettiness.

Secret 6.  They know how to relax. It’s not just high-quality work for high achievers every time. It’s also high-quality relaxation. It may seem that high achievers are working all the time (and that’s true for the most part), but they know when to hit the relax button. They have mastered the timing between work and play.

Secret 7. They are not modest. High achievers know their achievements; they know their abilities, and they know their value to the company. High achievers are not modest folks because they simply can’t afford to. High achievers need to feel pumped so they can sustain their high capacity and drive for accomplishment.

Secret 8. They know how to dress for success. High achievers are no dandies, but they know how to dress to impress. They know instinctively that the way you dress influences the way people around you treat you. If your clothes say you’re a person worthy of respect, chances are people will give you respect. And if that means faster turnaround times, all the better for the high achiever.

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