How to Stay on Top of Your Workload... by Doing Less

Posted On: December 15, 2014

In your quest for finding out how to be successful at work, have you ever considered that there might be ways to work less and actually achieve more? Yes, it’s true—certain work and lifestyle changes can amp up your productivity considerably, allowing you to accomplish much more using less time and energy. Consider these key lifestyle and work tips to struggle less and achieve more each day: 1. Know Your Focus Not knowing where you’re headed or even why you’re in the car can put a damper on any journey. Yes, you’ll get somewhere eventually, but it may not be where you’re supposed to go. Be clear on your business or employer objectives on both a macro and micro (daily) level. Knowing what your business is striving to accomplish and understanding your role in the plan can help you to be more focused and productive each day. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll know just where to direct your attention for maximum results. 2. Get Enough Sleep Getting or not getting enough sleep can make or break your day. When we’re well-rested, we tend to work smarter and more efficiently; we’re energized and far more pleasant to be around. There’s a spring in our step and we actually enjoy our work. When we’re tired, everything seems to take two or three times as long, and we can’t wait to get home. Make time for your optimal amount of sleep each night (the average tends to be around seven hours for most people). 3. Plan and Prioritize Your Task List An intelligent action plan is another way to work smarter and easier. Each week, make a list of the tasks that need to be accomplished—rating them in order of importance and relevance to the company mission (identified in tip #1.) Assign a difficultly level to your tasks as well, and work on the most challenging ones when you’re freshest (in the morning and/or early in the week). Working in this manner could triple or quadruple your productivity, and the quality of your work is likely to be better, too. 4. Drink Coffee We’re not kidding! Coffee is much more than just a stimulant; it’s loaded with cleansing antioxidants and other health-supporting properties. Some studies have shown that coffee boosts mood, memory, and cognitive ability; helps people to think more clearly; and makes for a happier and more productive workday. 5. Delegate/Outsource/Ask for Help No, this isn’t cheating… If you’re being unfairly burdened with more than your fair share of the workload, speak up and have some of it reassigned. If it’s within your scope and budget, outsource specialized tasks to experienced professionals who will be able to do it ten times faster than you… Talk about a time-saver! 6. Just Say No Get good at saying “No” to co-workers and even clients when you’ve maxed out your work limit for a given time period. Know your limits, set boundaries, and say “No” (nicely–and selectively) when you must. 7. Get Zen The mind, body, and spirit connection isn’t just some new-age mumbo-jumbo. Your health is paramount to everything else, so make sure you’re eating well, staying hydrated, and keeping good company. Consider meditating, doing yoga or taking up Qigong to help tap into universal forces that can energize your work from unseen realms. Use these working tips for more productivity and efficiency, and you’ll soon become a master at how to be successful at work.

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