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How to Find a Good Realtor

Editorial Team September 20, 2013 0




It seems as though everywhere consumers look, a REALTOR® is trying to sell a home. With so many options for a real estate salesperson, how is a home buyer to know who can serve their needs the best? What exactly is the importance of a realtor?

To help you, the agent, to know what your potential clients are looking for, we’ve created a list of the personality and skill traits of the most desirable agents.

Using a combination of suggestions from Realty Times,  About.com,  and Buy-And-Sell-House-Fast, we’ve created a list of the “Ten Traits Consumers Look for In A REALTOR.®”

  1. Buyers and sellers want an agent who is very active in the market. A REALTOR® who searches the market for homes everyday or over the weekend will have the greatest competitive and negotiation advantages to a buyer or seller.
  2. Buyers and sellers should work with a licensed agent who works as a REALTOR® full time. Full time agents are likely to be the most prepared at solving problems that may arise during the negotiation period, inspection or after the sale.
  3. Buyers & Sellers look for a passionate, enthusiastic REALTOR®. Their heartfelt desire to go the extra mile will really be worth it when issues need to be resolved.
  4. Agents should be a member of at least one professional organization. If the agent is not a member of a local, state, or national organization, the buyer/seller should find out why not. This could be a red flag for them.
  5. It is best for buyers and sellers to work with an agent who is familiar with the market. An agent who knows the geographic area well can save them time and money when it comes to their house hunt.
  6. Teach-savvy agents have the greatest advantage when it comes to finding new listings.  In today’s market, most sales begin through an internet search, so it is best for the consumer to work with an agent who will watch for homes matching their criteria as they appear online.
  7. Agents should be trustworthy.  Consumers shouldn’t just work with someone because they were referred to them by a friend. The buyer/seller should check their credibility and go with their gut feeling.
  8. Agents should attend open houses. This is a way for buyers/sellers to meet agents in non-pushy situations. Consumers gather materials and choose and then usually choose an agent who presents themselves and their marketing materials professionally.
  9. Ask for standard commission. Six to seven percent is standard. If an agent offers a buyer/seller something much lower, they should beware; the agent might not give the attention or experience the buyer/seller is expecting.
  10. Agents should be creative. A creative REALTOR® might be able to suggest alternative methods for solving purchasing problems as they arise. Buyers/sellers shouldn’t allow their agent to treat them like a number. A creative agent can offer them the one-on-one service and suggestions that the consumer may be looking for.
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