How to Get More Clients in Arizona

How to Get More Clients in Arizona Real estate agency is a fiduciary relationship of trust and expertise. To get more clients, get your name and face out there and show that you are a trustworthy local expert who will help people navigate a complicated, expensive process. In Arizona, it’s a seller’s market: high housing demand and low inventory. The population growth rate is 1.4% and expected to increase. In 2016, the median home value was $270,000, a 7.9% increase over the previous year. Phoenix and its suburbs, Tucson, and Flagstaff are popular markets. So how can you take advantage of this hot market and drum up more clients?

Branding and Online Marketing

Have you established your personal brand yet? This will include the usual things like target market, farm, and niches, but also incorporates expertise, personality, and style. Personal branding illustrates your talents and strengths, influences your voice, and informs your marketing efforts. Your web site, Facebook Business Page, blog, and social media posts are just some of the tools you use to express your brand identity, stand out in the market, and establish yourself as the go-to local real estate expert. A consumer looking for an agent is going to choose the person who seems to know what she’s talking about. Always remember what’s important: the clients’ needs. Whether you’re crafting a 140-character tweet or a 1,000-word blog post, focus on what the real estate consumer wants and needs. Things to try when you’re creating online marketing content include:
  • Buyer’s and seller’s guides: Checklists, videos, podcasts, and infographics are great freebies to offer your followers. Who doesn’t love free stuff?
  • Theme newsletters: Holidays, local history, sporting events, and neighborhood spotlights can jazz up a newsletter and catch people’s eye.
  • Colorful postcards: When you have exciting news, free offers, or interesting events, shoot charming postcards with you name and logo to your email list.
  • News jacking: Take a relevant news story or topic that’s getting a lot of attention and find a way to incorporate it into a real estate blog post.
  • Buzz-worthy headlines and subject lines: How-tos, common mistakes people make, numbered listicles, tips and checklists, and year-end best of lists are sure-fire ways of generating interest in your content.

Networking and Prospecting

Most people don’t know one brokerage firm or agent from another. Word of mouth and recommendations from friends and family are often how consumers hear about service providers. If you give outstanding service to one client, and follow up, he or she is likely to recommend you to people looking for an agent. The best way to get more clients is consistent, persistent prospecting online and IRL. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. Here are some things to try:
  • Attend events and seminars, join groups, and go to local meetups.
  • Get involved with local businesses and charities and let everyone know you’re an Arizona real estate agent.
  • Work your sphere of influence and client database hard. Follow up, stay in touch, offer freebies, remember birthdays, and ask for referrals (in person).
  • Newsletters and email marketing are affordable ways to stay in touch with your sphere of influence and remind them that you’re an effective, reliable agent with knowledge of the area.
  • Also don’t for get to target other agents. They’d prefer to work with agents they know, trust, and like.
  • Always have a stack of business cards in your pocket. Walk through the major commercial neighborhood in your area and introduce yourself, chat about the local market, and hand out your card.
  • Do and attend open houses, where you may find lots of unrepresented buyers.

Keep an Eye on the Trends

National and local economic and cultural trends will have an impact on the effectiveness and focus of your marketing campaign. Consider some of these trends when tailoring and targeting your marketing:
  • National: Aging population, tech influences on the agent’s role, millennial consumers, “semi-suburbs” (walkable, mixed-use communities)
  • Local: Retiring boomers, Phoenix and Tucson (in the top 10 U.S. markets in’s 2017 housing forecast), strong population and job growth in Western states, rising interest rates
Also pay attention to the cultural and architectural tastes of your specific market. What do buyers like? What are sellers’ main concerns? As you’ve probably guessed, there is no secret, exotic trick that will suddenly generate tons of new leads. The answer to how to get more clients is what’s it’s always been:  vigorous prospecting and giving the people what they want.  Use old and new tools to reach more people, grow your sphere of influence, work you prospect database, convert leads into clients, and cultivate referrals. It’s all about emphasizing the benefits you can offer to real estate consumers in your area.   Sources:  

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