How to Improve and Increase the Value of Your Property in the US

Value of Property in the US What is the right price of your property? It is one the most difficult questions raised once you decide to sell your property. The desire, of course, is to ideally sell your home for more than its actual worth. Is it possible? Yes, but it can be a long process, and you will need the right mix of ingredients. The idea is to increase the value of your home to where it's more than when you bought the property. It is how property investment works, after all. There is a large variety of ways available to home sellers through which to improve and increase the value of their property. Some of these methods add value at low costs while others include in-depth renovations which can prove a touch more expensive. Each value addition is, however, well worth its cost, and you will earn it back through the eventual sale of your property.

The Simple Things

Start simple. Apply necessary fixes which don't require outside help, and are not too expensive. They won't add tens of thousands to your home's value but they will help improve it, and increase your property's appeal. Click To Tweet

  • Tidy Up: Scrub your home clean, and tidy up both inside and out. Dirt, garbage, stuff lying around, and strange odors do not make attractive features.
  • Paint: Apply a fresh coat of paint in universally appealing neutral colors to freshen and brighten up the property.
  • Curb Appeal: Make your home more inviting by adding a few touches outside, such as lights, shutters, plants, and maybe even a new mailbox.
  • Fixture Upper: Small things such as new light fixtures, door knobs, and cabinet handles can add new, vibrant life to a space.
  • Show Stopper: Stage your home at its best with the proper placement of furniture. Give each room a function, and use the right size and amount of furniture.

A Hint of Luxury

Once you have achieved the simple, it is time to add a more spectacular touch. It will be more expensive, and may not always be necessary, but the return on investment will be correspondingly higher.
  • Back to the Curb: The curb appeal of your property can be further enhanced by adding a deck, new siding, walkways, and/or driveways.
  • Matters of Detail: Certain architectural or design details can add a lot of character and value to your home. Crown molding, a beautiful chair, and a well-placed rug are some options.
  • Peace of Mind: Install rugs and carpets, add plants, insulation, and double pane windows and doors to give your property the feel of an oasis.
  • Of Aesthetic Appeal: Change the flooring, windows, and doors of your home. You can even add new doors and/or windows, such as French doors leading to the backyard. Skylights, tiles, and hardwood flooring are also great value additions to a property.
    • Luxuries of Necessity: People spend a lot of their time in the kitchen and bathrooms. It pays, therefore, to renovate these rooms. Add new flooring, counter-tops, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs. New faucets, lighting fixtures, doorknobs, and cabinet handles are also worth the investment.

A Few Final Touches

It is important not to overdo the improvements to your property. While you want to increase your home's value, do remember that simple is elegant. It will also help to:
  • Keep a positive mindset
  • Hire an expert local realtor
  • Stay current with the local real estate trends
  • Set the right price for your property
  • Market your home actively, correctly, and effectively

Education in Real Estate

Real estate is one of the top supplemental careers today. An education in the business by a leading provider that can help you boost your income, and expertly increase the value of your property. If you are already a real estate agent or broker, further courses such as Real Estate Post License and/or Real Estate Continuing Education can help you stay ahead of the competition, renew your license, and better help your clients as they seek to buy and sell properties.

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