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Safety Matters in the Workplace

39% - Number of women who account for workplace injuries and illnesses 61% - Number of men who account for workplace injuries and illnesses 7 days - The number of days women miss work 10 days - The number of days men miss work


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  Too often safety culture is delegated to HR which often proves to be a costly mistake 8 days - The median amount of time missed from work due to work based injuries Maintaining a workplace safety culture is every worker’s responsibility

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How to Maintain a Safe Work Culture

  • Keep workspaces clutter free
  • All materials should be stored in their proper place to prevent tripping hazards
  • Shut all drawers
  • Overfull file cabinets can tip over
  • Install flexible work stations
  • All workstations should have adjustable chairs and tables to accommodate height differences
  • Keep escape routes clear
  • Keep the route to emergency exits clear of debris and other items
  • Maintain power cords
  • Inspect all electrical cords regularly to root our frayed and exposed wiring which can become a fire hazard
  • Conduct fire drills
  • Fire drills should be carried out yearly and workers should know exactly what they need to do to remain safe
  • Keep a first aid kit
  • First aid kits should always be well stocked with necessary items needed in case of injuries
  • Research ways to reduce stress levels at work
  • Stress is one of the main reasons why people take days off from work. This includes new hires and pregnant staff. Risk assessments can ensure their health and safety.

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