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How To Report Injuries and Illness to Cal/OSHA

Muddassir Katchi April 6, 2018 0
How To Report Injuries and Illness to Cal/OSHA

Injuries and illnesses at workplace are not uncommon, especially if you are a business dealing with chemicals or heavy machinery. Every year, there are thousands of fatalities and injuries recorded because of workplace accidents.

How to avoid accidents and how to make sure that your safety procedures are fool proof is often discussed and many training programs are available on it too. But what is the correct way to handle a workplace accident, injury, or illness is something that is not widely known.

The State of California, division of Occupational Health and Safety Act or “CAL/OSHA” is an organization that works to make sure that your workplace environment is a safe one. California laws pay special attention to the safety of employees and businesses working in the state, as any accidents would cause the overall business environment of the state to be effected.

As per California law, a business entity is bound to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Program – IIPP, to handle sickness and accidental injuries that may occur at the work environment. This program encourages businesses to train their employees through a special Cal OSHA course along with specially designed workshops and trainings. These programs would spread safety awareness and would promote a safety culture in the business. The employees would work together in case of an emergency, minimizing situations where further injuries occur due to panicking and untrained employees.

The IIPP for the businesses includes several important clauses that a business needs to take care of for instance:

  • Responsibility:

The IIPP requires a business to designate a person who would be responsible for implementing the IIPP program.

  • Compliance:

Procedures, processes and steps in written that would make sure that the program is implemented in the correct manner, and to ensure safe and healthy operations at your workplace.

  • Communication:

IIPP requires proper systems so that effective communication could take place in a manner that is easily understood by all.

  • Accident or Exposure Investigation

Proper procedures and steps designed by businesses to investigate any unfortunate events or accidents that might occur at a work site.

  • Training and Instruction

Using effective and efficient programs for directing your employees for common safe workplace practices and accidents involved with specific job assignments in a manner understood by the employees.

  • Recordkeeping

All the steps and procedures that are put in place by the company or business in order to comply with the IIPP program should be in written and documented form so that it could be recorded.

Considering that some businesses often tend to overlook injury and illness related teachings contained in Cal OSHA online trainings, it is equally important for employees to play their role by reporting injuries and illness at their workplace.

If you’re wondering how you can report a case of injury or illness caused at work, we suggest that you continue reading on.

Reporting Injuries and Illness to Cal/OSHA

As an employee you have the right to file complain against your employer if your workplace environment is not safe, or if it has negative or damaging effect on your health. If you want to report an Illness or an injury that occurs at your workplace, you could do it by following the following simple steps:

Find a medium

It is of utmost importance to find a medium to contact Cal/OSHA. In order to do that you could opt any of the following mediums to file your complaint:

  • Internet – You could either google Cal/OSHA’s webpage or you could follow this link to directly file a complaint dir.ca.gov/dosh.
  • Premises – Go to the nearest office of Cal/OSHA in your locality and file a complaint.
  • Call – You could call and file your complain by simply dialing 1-866-924-9757, then dialing 2 and giving the zip code to your workplace.

What Next?

Once you reach Cal/OSHA to file your complain, by using the medium of your choice you could start by giving out the name of the business you work for, the address, and the site address if it is different. Furthermore, be precise about the threat you face. For example, state the room number where a hazardous object or machinery poses danger to you and your fellow employees. The more detail you provide, the more helpful Cal/OSHA would be in assisting you to see to the end of the danger.

Once you reach Cal/OSHA to file your complain, by using the medium of your choice you could start by giving out the name of the business you work for, the address, and the site address if it is different. Click To Tweet

Give details about the situation you face. For instance, the time of the day you feel most exposed to the threat, the conditions of how that equipment or machinery or any other dangerous object is being utilized in your workplace.

What to expect?

Each complain is handled as per its nature, these issues are usually fixed once the employer is notified by the authorities. Sometimes onsite inspection takes place. At times a surprise inspection is also held by the authorities to see the gravity of the situation.

As long as your interests are concerned, Californian law offers you immunity, safeguards your job if you file such an incident, and the employer is to comply with the law, or face legal complications.

  • A proactive measure on your behalf could save a life, and may avoid tragic accidents from happening. Hence, it is always encouraged to report any workplace injury or illness to CAL OSHA.
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