How to Sell Your Home in a Flash

Planning. Preparation. Commitment. Selling property always requires all three, but when selling fast they’re even more important. There’re some things that can speed up a residential sales transaction. First, start a spreadsheet to plan every stage and department of the move and sale. Next, rent a storage space and start moving furniture and possessions that you’ll keep but not need in the next few months. Then it’s time to find an expert to guide you through the process.

Hire the Right Agent

Interview a few real estate agents and ask them about their experience, expertise, recent sales, standard procedures, and marketing strategies. Hire an experienced agent with the tools, time, and drive to deploy marketing that get lookers, deftly handle offers, and negotiate a deal to quickly get what you want. For a fast sale, you’ll need an agent willing to go above and beyond. After the listing agreement is signed, ensure that communication methods are established, expectations are explicitly agreed to, and you have a clear understanding of the next steps


Property condition is a major concern for buyers. There are some things you can’t change like location, but a house with few condition issues will make it to the top of a buyer’s list. For buyers who aren’t interested in fixer uppers, the less they have to do to the house post-sale, the better. Repairs will help the inspection phrase move quicker. Home inspectors often suggest repairs that buyers will then request of the sellers. The more that’s taken care of beforehand, the fewer things left to slow a sale.

Smart Upgrades

Agents can suggest cost effective repairs and renovations to generate offers and increase the sale price. An older house with outdated fixtures or cabinetry made need strategic upgrades, like new handles and faucets and fresh paint. Buyers will be more willing to make quick offers if the house is in good condition and fewer upgrades are necessary.


As soon as you know you’re going to sell, start planning and packing. You’ve probably accumulated more junk than you realize; sorting and packing it takes time. Get as much of the non-essential stuff out of the house as you can. Agents always advise decluttering and depersonalizing. Leave behind a few nice pieces of furniture and home furnishings for staging.

Get it Clean and Keep It Clean

Time to hire a professional cleaning crew for a deep clean of major areas. Remember those hard to reach places you rarely get in your weekly cleaning routine. Then once the house is super clean, it’s easier to keep it clean. Create a list of regular cleaning tasks to hold the dirt and clutter at bay and ensure the house is ready for showings and open houses. Every day or every other day, take a tour of the house, every room, inside and out looking for dirt, dust, damage, and cobwebs.

Set the Right Price

An overpriced house can scare away prospective buyers before they have a chance to look at it. An experienced agent will analyze the local market and suggest a fair price. A good listing price is based on what similar properties are selling for in the neighborhood, not how much profit you want to net. Here's how you can negotiate for the right price for your property. It involves compromise. Setting the listing price below market value can inspire more quick offers. Depending on the house and the market, if your top priority is speed, you may have to make concessions in other areas like price and closing costs. Real Estate Licensing Course

Savvy Staging

After everything is cleaned and repaired, the interior and exterior will need a little dressing up. It’s best to go with a minimalist style with a few eye-catching pieces. First, you’ll want to get the front of the house, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom photo-shoot ready. Attractive listing photos can inspire buyers to take a second look. Professional stagers will often rearrange furniture to create open space, draw the eye through the room, open up traffic lanes, and create intimate vignettes. This can be done outside as well as inside.

Boost the Curb Appeal

A photo of the front of house is often the first that buyers see. So the curb appeal will need some eye-catching upgrades. First, clean up and trim everything, and then refresh the bark around landscaping and pressure wash walls, windows, eaves, walkways, and driveways. Add some new plants along the edges, and place a few pots of colorful flowers near the front door. Also know how to market to the right neighborhood. Planning and preparation help each step move faster because the necessary tools, resources, and documents are already assembled. Home sellers need to commit to getting the house ready and available to be seen; this means lots of packing, hauling, cleaning, and more cleaning. Luckily with the right agent, you’ll have a teammate well-equipped to help you sell your home in a flash.

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