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How Will Your Company Benefit?

Muddassir Katchi March 27, 2018 0
How Will Your Company Benefit?

ISO 14001 training pertains to global standards and preferable practice that businesses and professionals need to create a measurable EMS or Environmental Management System. Therefore, any organization that wishes to be formally recognized as EMS compliant and acquire business success should undergo the training course as per their respective field of work.

A professionally designed environmental management system or EMS is a tool that can help an organization remain competitive and control its performance. The system allows businesses to create procedures and implement technological solutions that can drive productivity while improving environmental impact. ISO 14001 registration can ensure this by reducing your company’s environmental footprint and ensuring efficient use of resources.

The direct benefits from implementing an EMS include:

  • Reduced risks of fines
  • Save resources via waste and byproduct recycling
  • Increase process yields
  • Reduce customer audits
  • Reduce insurance rates
  • Reduce cost of material storage
  • Reduce consumption of energy
  • Reduce costs for emissions, transport and disposal

With these benefits, your company will:

  • Motivate employees to engage in operations
  • Demonstrate business compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Acquire business aims via financial benefits that result from reduced costs
  • Work with suppliers who are encouraged to be as environmentally conscious
  • Improve business reputation and stakeholder confidence.
  • Profits increase as today’s customers are more inclined to purchase from businesses that prioritize the environment over sales.

To reap these benefits, ISO 14001 compliant businesses should advertise their registration via product labels and marketing.

ISO 14001 standard applies to all types of businesses and the language that is used in it reflects this ideology. The standard does not differentiate between large and small businesses which makes it scalable as long as certain key… Click To Tweet

ISO 14001 standard applies to all types of businesses and the language that is used in it reflects this ideology. The standard does not differentiate between large and small businesses which makes it scalable as long as certain key regulations are maintained. In fact, it is also known as a generic management system which means that it covers businesses that wish to improve processes and manage their resources more efficiently.

Therefore, like any large business, small or micro businesses can implement an environmental performance program that can result in ISO 14001 registration. In fact, micro businesses have more to benefit from this than their larger counterparts enough to drive success and push them towards a larger business model.

However, the key to a successful ISO 14001 EMS is the documented procedures that businesses have to maintain for compliance. These processes also include the company’s environmental goals along with their role in business operations.

This should take the form of an environmental policy that is accessible to the public. In addition, procedures that review the environmental impact of products and services should also be set in place. Goals and objectives based on the new policy should be changed as per changing requirements and internal audits should be conducted regularly to ensure compliance.

However, before implementing ISO 14001, a gap analysis should be conducted on the processes and recommended products of the business. This will help business owners determine potential risks and opportunities for future development.

ISO 14001:2015 EMS Lead Auditor Training

With online training, users can complete their ISO 14001 course according to their own pace and comfort level. 360Training.com’s ISO 14001:2015 EMS Lead Auditor Training program is designed to provide maximum convenience without compromising the learning experience.

The course is designed specifically for people who wish to become Lead Auditors in EMS ISO 14001:2015. Once the course is completed successfully, students will be well versed in the knowledge and understanding required for Auditing principles and techniques. The objectives of the training program include the following:

  • EMS and Auditing principles and techniques
  • EMS clauses
  • The definition, processes, activities and concepts in auditing
  • The application, framework, benefits and aim of The Annexure SL.
  • Plans, meetings and reporting requirements for audits

The program is being offered by 360Training.com, a leading provider of adult e-learning courses that cover a wide range of local and global industries. The material incorporated in the training courses is for working professionals who want to succeed in today’s marketplace and remain competitive in their field of choice.

All of the courses have been designed by field professionals and are based on the instructional designs that are particular to 360Training.com. Sign up for the ISO 14001:2015 EMS Lead Auditor Training program today and benefit from their expertise.


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