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I’m still here – Maintaining client relationships

Editorial Team September 4, 2013 0

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The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter… it’s the difference between the Lightning Bug and the lightning.

-Mark Twain


Maintaining client relationships, and building your client base, can be one of the most time consuming aspects of running a successful Real Estate business.  Using the internet to serve your clients like blogging is an efficient way to reach large portions of your client base with a few keystrokes; it’s also a personalized way to supplement your established client touch marketing plan.  It’s an excellent tool for the real estate professional to present issues related to market changes, provide expert commentary, and keep in constant contact.  Your personalized blog is not simply an avenue for sharing information; you are attempting to create an open dialogue with your client base.  It’s a casual outlet for you to start up a conversation with your clients, rather than only delineating factual information.  A blog may be the most appropriate way for the real estate professional to discuss and respond to topics related to specific articles, websites, or other blog posts.  Your blog subscribers may actively respond to your posts, and gain positive reinforcement from the interaction.  It’s also a great way for your clients to gain insight into your business, and effortlessly feel connected to you from a distance.  The blog can essentially function as the “Open” sign of your virtual office, allowing clients to quickly “check in” and confirm your presence, increasing client confidence in you, and your profession.


The internet is full of bogus and poorly written news/information.  When you blog, you are providing a safe place for your clients to gain knowledge.  You become the filter and content expert for your client, and in turn, they become dependent on you as their main source of information.  When clients become long-term followers of your blog, and you become the primary source of information, you are no longer simply delineating information; you are communicating your purpose as a real estate professional, and who you are.  As your client’s main source of real estate information, be sure to include only facts, and sources that are known to be reputable.  Accuracy and being factual is paramount when you’re the source of information for your client.  Avoid blog topics that may be controversial, or overtly offensive to your readers.  By directing readers to your blog, rather than main source sites, you are also helping to establish your brand as a real estate professional.  Long term blogging creates client expectations, and cements your personality as THE real estate professional.  How do you run your business?  How do you approach your clients, and everyday business situations?  Clients will learn how you communicate, and will become familiar with your individual approach to Real Estate.  Long term blogging creates a cognitive connection between real estate, and your brand.  Clients will simultaneously think of you and everything real estate related.  When interacting with clients online, you can direct them to a branded portal, rather than a 3rd party site that doesn’t reinforce you as the professional. You have to build your connections with more than just the property.   Your blog will assist you in not only retaining business, but also boost your professional credibility.


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