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Importance of Having a Real Estate License

Editorial Team August 19, 2013 0
Importance of Having a Real Estate License

Getting a License
Becoming a real estate agent in the US requires an individual to have right training and education background to be qualified for the career and the job. It also requires the individual to pass certain examination to prove the persons’ eligibility as a professional realtor agent in the state where the person resides.

It is an imperative to every individual engaging in any real estate transactions to obtain their states real estate licenses. The licenses issued to these agents will mean that they are now embodied by the real estate ethics and standards of the specific state when it comes to performing real estate marketing, sales, negotiations and transactions. Such license also embodies the individual agents’ compliance with the regulatory provisions implemented in the state by which the agent is expected to follow and observe as a licensed agent.

Real estate licensing may be sometime daunting to some individuals. Most states require an individual to complete a real estate pre-license, then a continuing education and in some states – even a post license certification. The requirements for completing these vary accordingly on the state requirements imposed by state real estate authorities and commission. Thus, the importance of having a real estate license is getting embodied and recognized by state laws and knowing your legal duties and responsibilities as a licensed individual.

Real estate pre-licensing is the first step in obtaining and becoming a licensed agent in any US state. It consists of pre-requisites that help the individual obtain and complete certain education and training programs as part of the specific state requirement.

Most individuals who are able to complete their pre-licensing phase will then be given their license and will be first considered as salespersons working under a brokerage or broker. After a year or two of working under brokerage – depending on what the requirements says – the salesperson agent can now apply for a license as a real estate broker if he or she wants to pursue becoming a broker.

Continuing Education
Real estate CE or the renewal period for licenses of realtor agents is a duty that every licensed agent should comply with. Every odd or even year, an agent is required to complete a set of continuing education credits and shall submit it to the state real estate commission for certification and validity of the individuals’ license renewal.

Failure to comply with the continuing education requirements would deem the agent as an inactive license holder and will not be able to perform legal real estate transactions at all – depending on what the state regulation says about inactive license holders.

Post-licensing in some US states are present. It is a requirement for salespersons to complete a certain credit hour for them to remain active license holders. This is considered as the CE for salespersons.

Acquiring a real estate license may take an individual some time and effort – especially when it comes to completing education and training credit requirements. However, with the continuous advancement of technology plus the eagerness of several learning institutions to bring education right at the individuals’ convenience without compromising efficiency – online training and education programs for real estate have been established, tested, approved and even accredited by known education institutions to help real estate license applicants complete necessary credentials they need in time.

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