The Importance of Being Time Savvy

It's National Time Management Month again and who should understand the benefits and pratfalls of time management better than real estate agents? Time management is important for one’s personal life and career success.  It helps one to be more productive which leads to greater rewards inevitably! Here are a few time management tips to help you day to day:Time savvy Organization If items cannot be found when looked for or if the workspace is a mess, it must be time to become more organized and to get rid of some of the clutter. Decide if keeping certain things are worth the monetary, physical, and mental cost of maintaining them. Don’t waste time on items that have are not useful. Some experience a sense of loss as certain items are discarded, but a sense of relief should outweigh this. Create an easy to use place for storing items to increase the likelihood of them being put away. One must make a conscious decision not to allow things to collect. Where does all the clutter go?
  • Organize your existing storage spaces before adding more.
  • Buy user-friendly organizers.
  • Create “departments” by storing similar things together.
  • Any exposed wall, floor, ceiling, or any hollow or open space represents a potential storage space.
  • Even though you may naturally think horizontally, watch for vertical storage opportunities.
  • Step shelves can double as storage space.
Schedule activities
  • Make daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.
  • Block out chunks of high energy time for key tasks.
  • Set time limits for tasks.
  • Plan and Organize Your Activities.
  • Keep a personal hot sheet or to-do List.
  • Place similar activities together, such as, calls or paperwork, if they can be done efficiently and logically.
  • Before placing an activity on the list, ask “What is the objective of this activity?”
  • Use the highest energy on the top priority tasks.
One must manage their time properly in order to accomplish priority tasks on a daily basis. There are so many distractions and interruptions that drain the time we do have for completing tasks.  Being able to block out distractions and prevent “bad” interruptions is one of the major keys to time management. Setting specific goals that are framed in a realistic time frame will help one reach the goals quicker than not setting a goal at all. Setting goals and creating to-do lists will provide a road map to the result.  Make sure that the goals and their quantity are attainable and realistic. Get a professional assistant Many successful real estate professionals hire professional assistants. There are two types of professional assistants: licensed and unlicensed. Professional assistants will help take some of the burden off the agent, allowing them to do what they do best— sell real estate. Delegating lower priority items, such as paperwork, to an assistant allows the agent to make better use of their time. Licensed professional assistants can only be paid a commission by the employing broker. Unlicensed professional assistants may not be paid a bonus or commission based on production. So, this National Time Management Month let us all take these steps to be efficient real estate professionals, and watch how our businesses grow. Learn techniques and skills on how to be more efficient on your real estate career. Visit to enroll for real estate courses.

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